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Frame geometry questions.(2 posts)

Frame geometry questions.floydg68
Oct 3, 2003 1:02 PM
I am considering buying a new bike. This would be my sixth bike in my 16 years of cycling. I am currently riding a 2000 Giant TCR 2. It has served me well but I am looking for a little more comfort on longer rides 50+ miles. I want to keep the great climbing prowness of the TCR with the added comfort. I am leaning towards a titanium bike, specifically a Moots compact. I decided to compare the geometry of the Moots to the TCR for reference but I need some help understanding the numbers and their impact. They are almost identical in the 55cm size. Both have 55.5 effective top tube. Seat tube hight of the Moots is 1cm taller at 51cm. The head angles are the same at 73.5 degrees. The Moots seat tube is 73.5 degrees vs. 73 degrees on the Giant. Also the chainstay length on the Moots is slightly longer at 40.7 to 40.0 for the Giant. What do the numbers mean in terms of comfort and handling specifically climbing? This would help me greatly in being able to make the best purchase possible by understanding the characteristics I'm looking for and finding those numbers. Thanks in advance for any help.
Geometry nearly identicalKerry Irons
Oct 3, 2003 4:40 PM
The net effect is that you'll have to move your saddle back by 0.5 cm or so to get the same position on the Moots as you had on the TCR. The other differences are too small to be meaningful. The slightly longer rear end on the Moots may aid comfort a bit by moving the wheel back slightly - the vertical jolts through the saddle will be lessened. Whether climbing is better will be determined by frame (BB) stiffness.