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Campy 10sp, my tale of woe (warning, kind of Long)(11 posts)

Campy 10sp, my tale of woe (warning, kind of Long)spincircles
Oct 2, 2003 6:32 PM
I had just moved to Santa Barbara from Boston and was out on my 3rd ride. As I'm climbing one of the many hills the rear wheel completely locks up. I skid to a halt and unclip w/out going over fortunately. Unfortunately my rear derailer has been ripped off and shredded in my rear wheel. The derailleur hanger is bent into the cassette and the threads are stripped. The cause, faulty permalink. The permalink separated got snagged in the rear der. and tore the thing to $#!+. Frame is toast, der is toast and I'm stranded 15 miles from home in a new city, having to call one of my new roommates (of less than a week) at work to come pick me up. Campy USA tells me the chain and derailleur showed excessive wear (duh, I ride my bike, and one of those parts was cuisinarted in my rear wheel). I counter that the chain and derailleur aren't what failed, it was the permalink that failed, and that permalink had 6 months on it and had been installed by a reputable shop back home. The rep continued to point to the worn condition of the chain and der, cleverly not responding to my repeated observations that neither of those things matter b/c the part responsible for the failure was not the der or the chain, it was the permalink. I realize this means 2 things, his refusal to even pretend to address my point about the permalink is tacit admission of guilt, and it also means he intends to continue to fillibuster ad nauseum and do nothing for me. I said as much to him the response to which was about 30 seconds of silence followed by a canned response about this not being a warrantied failure, and there you have it. So what I've learned is that warranty support for Campy is piss poor in the US. They wouldn't even sell me a new der at cost. Dave at Fastrack Bicycles here in SB helped me out with the warranty battle and setting me up with a new der and frame. So I would like to take this opportunity to plug a great LBS (Thanks Dave). That said Campy USA blows, if any Campy users still have 10sp permalinks get rid of them, they're crap, Campy knows it, that's why they redesigned it. I'm going to run my Campy group and wheelsets into the ground and replace them w/ shimano out of principle in a few years. Assume I continue to ride competitively/seriously for the next 40 years (I'm in my 20's so that's feasible). Now assume a new group every 4 years at ~1k per plus another $500 in replacement parts (cassettes, chains, pads, etc.) over each 4 year interval. Thats $15k worth of business in current year dollars they've lost. Now they probably won't miss that. But had they given me a new derailleur, cost to them $30, and some compensation for the frame, say $150, I'd have been a happy and loyal Campyphile the rest of my life. The cost to them to keep my $15k worth of business (let's say only $5k is profit) would've been $200. Not to mention the unqantifiable and likely more significant cost of referrals as I will no longer advocate Campy to friends seeking my advice on buying new bikes. If you break it down like that ROI for spending a little to do right by their customer would have been somewhere on the order of 100x, now doesn't that seem like a better business plan than pissing people off to save a few bucks on the front end. That concludes my rant. Thanks for listening.
Campy permalinklyleseven
Oct 2, 2003 6:41 PM
Sad story. I can see why you are upset. Was there ever an issue as to the permalink being installed upside down? I don't use permalilnk, rather a Wipperman Connex and have had no trouble. Nor have I had any trouble with the standard Campy 10 spd chain. Were you using a Record Ti or Ti/steel cassette or a Chorus steel? Just curious. Other than an initial problem with my front Chorus der I which the bike shop admitted was their problem and corrected it, I have had no Campy problems.
re: Campy 10sp, my tale of woe (warning, kind of Long)_jim_
Oct 2, 2003 9:06 PM
do you have a clif notes version of this?
Campy 10sp, my tale of woe (Clifs notes version)spincircles
Oct 3, 2003 1:20 PM
-Permalink sucks and Campy knows it
-It was the 1st 10sp chain connector they made
-It failed and destroyed my derailleur and frame
-Campy USA refused to warranty me despite the fact I tore their argument for not doing so to shreds.
-I now run a wipperman connex chain
-I'm going back to Shimano out of principle when it's time for a new group in a few years
-If you've still got an old permalink, switch it out for a connex link
-Never underestimate the power of a happy or irate customer, screwing them over to save a few bucks now is more costly in the long run
In what way...divve
Oct 3, 2003 1:42 AM
....did they design the Permalink? I'm asking because it's back for their 04 Record hollow pin chain...
should have been "redesign" but it doesn't matterdivve
Oct 4, 2003 1:51 AM
I think the current one is still the same.
So did the permalink come with the campy chain?the bull
Oct 3, 2003 3:54 AM
Not sure but does campy make this thing?
I have seen them but where do they come from?
Who makes it?
'permalink'...Rusty Coggs
Oct 3, 2003 5:21 AM
...was Campys name for THEIR original 10 speed chain connector.
So many stories like thisCrankist
Oct 3, 2003 10:15 AM
I've read and they made me nervous. As was suggested, I popped the Campy link (before my first ride on a new Chorus group) and installed the Wipperman Connex. It's been flawless. Sorry for your mess bud.
Anyone had problems with HD linkMink
Oct 4, 2003 5:01 AM
My campy 10-sp chain is joined with the single-pin thingy which I think they call an HD link. I'm hoping this is a better solution than the permalink. But I have a connex link sitting in my toolbox - should I change?
HD-L with Park tool, never problems. Change at 4K km. nmSpunout
Oct 4, 2003 6:25 AM