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Saddle Observations...(2 posts)

Saddle Observations...dgangi
Oct 1, 2003 6:54 PM
One of the things I like about my new Fuji is the saddle. I have read many posts on this board where people complain about the saddles on their bikes and swap them out the first chance they get. Well, I happen to like my saddle and I was not sure why that was. It felt "familiar" to me.

And now I know why...

When I looked under the Fuji Ti saddle, it turns out that it is a Velo Ti (VELO is clearly stamped in the plastic). Just for curiosity sake, I looked underneath the Serfas Ti saddle on my Trek MTB. And guess what? It too is a Velo Ti. In fact, it is the exact same saddle! Same rails, same plastic with the same cutouts, same padding...the only difference being the covers (Fuji is leather and the Serfas is kevlar). I really like my Serfas and now I know why I like the Fuji saddle.

FYI - based on the $$$ I spent on the Serfas I was surprised to see it was a Velo. I would have guessed Serfas engineered their own saddles. Oh well...

Now with my curiousity peaked, I looked under the new saddle on my wife's MTB. The Aereon brand is clearly embroidered on the leather...but VELO is clearly stamped on the bottom!! So all 3 saddles in my garage are merely rebranded Velos.

Now I am curious. Just how common are Velo saddles? Do most other major labels merely rebrand the Velo's with their own label?

BTW -- the Serfas saddle on my MTB is one tough mama. It has taken a ton of abuse over the years and yet it still functions as new (the grey kevlar has gotten soiled with dirt but everything else is fine). If gave the seat 5 flaming chili's on MTBR -- definitely a testament to the build quality of Velo saddles.

re: Saddle Observations...innergel
Oct 2, 2003 2:09 PM
Koobi saddles are manufactured by Selle Italia in Italy. So it's not surprising that several brands are manufactured at the same place and rebranded. There must be some pretty heavy costs to set up the tooling to build saddles. It would be interesting to know what it would cost to start up a factory from scratch to manufacture something like this.

I think I read somewhere that the new prototype Giro helmets that were passed out at the TDF cost about $4500 each due to the tooling costs.