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Cassette wear and Alternate Wheelsets(2 posts)

Cassette wear and Alternate Wheelsetslotterypick
Sep 30, 2003 8:22 AM
I have two cassettes (11-25 and 12-27)

I'm thinking of getting an alternate set of wheels.

One set (Open Pros or something, I'm open to suggestions) for commuting 46 miles round trip. It's a pretty good ride, but has some divots and bumps, more when it's dark and I'm moving pretty good. Is it a patch of dew, BAM, nope it's a hole.

I've got a great light, I guess I should move it up higher, as I'm trying not to blind the traffic.

On that wheel I'm going to use the 12-27. Building miles.

My other set is the one I'm using right now. It SHimano Dura ACe.

The problem is that with the commute and the roughness I'm running a anti flat heavy tire in the back (Amadillo), and in the front Axial Pro.

I'm just concerned about banging them often.

Should I go the extra set and have race tires on the Shimanos and anti-flats on the commuter set, or should I not even worry about it and ride the H out of my dura aces and change tires for the group ride?

Oh, the question initially was, If I run the extra set, will I have problems with cassette wear and drivetrain.

I've used the 11-25 for a long time and the 12-27 for a few months. Just wondering what you guys do about it, if it a real concern.
re: Alternate WheelsetsChen2
Sep 30, 2003 8:33 AM
I change wheels and cassettes about as often as I change my socks. No problems with cassette wear, just check your chain frequently for "stretch". I try to catch mine before I get to 1/16" stretch on a 12" length anywhere on the chain.
As for tires, when I replace tires on my primary road bike I toss the rear and move the front to my commuter bike (700 X 23). I don't use puncture resistent tires, liners, or slime.