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bent Ksyrium spoke on rear wheel(4 posts)

bent Ksyrium spoke on rear wheelPMC
Sep 29, 2003 6:18 AM
Just yesterday I noticed I have a bent spoke on my rear Ksyrium. I had a waterbottle bounce out of a cage and into the spokes wedging between the chainstay and wheel around a month ago, which would be the only cause I can come up with. The spoke is bent toward the drivetrain side and back, just a little, but the wheel is still relatively true.

My Question

Should I just have it replaced? If I don't replace it, is it certain to fail? I've already ridden around 1000 miles on it in it's current state if I'm correct as to when it happened.

I'm guessing I should just have it replaced but I've never heard of this happening so I thought I'd ask.
re: bent Ksyrium spoke on rear wheelaxebiker
Sep 30, 2003 8:26 AM
I'm a firm believer in the "If it ain't broke..." theory. I'm just a shadetree mechanic though...
Thanks for the replyPMC
Oct 1, 2003 6:23 AM
I ended up calling one of the good LBSs and got pretty much the same answer. If the spoke is only slightly bent, they're strong enough that I don't need to worry about it.
No problem!axebiker
Oct 2, 2003 6:48 AM
I ran over a wheel awhile back (not a cool move), and thought for sure the wheel was history. I had already decided on what I was going to be getting next when the mechanic at my LBS called and said he was able to salvage it. He did have to over-tension on one side and undertension on the other though, but said chances are it'll hold just fine. I was selling the bike anyway so I explained that to him as well. I told my buyer about it and said if he has any issues with the wheel in the next year, I'd take care of it for him and just get him a new wheel. Everyone was happy, and so far, no issues!

I'm riding Ksyrium Elites now, and they look about as bomb-proof as anything I've ridden so far. A bent spoke in those shouldn't be too serious IMO.

Good luck!