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Durable, maintainable flat/toeclip pedals?(2 posts)

Durable, maintainable flat/toeclip pedals?winstonc
Sep 28, 2003 8:37 PM
I have a rainy-day/winter commuter bike, and the elements are taking a toll on the pedal bearings. But instead of overhauling those pedals, I decided to be lazy and check if I had any other pedals lying around. I found two pair, and they're both a bit dry and gritty.

Since it's my commuter, I don't want to be stuck overhauling the pedals every 6 months. I hate keeping track of all those little bearings...

I guess I have two questions:
Do they make quality platform/toeclip capable pedals these days? I'm looking for something that is well-sealed (sealed cartidge bearings are good) and easy to maintain.

I've seen that WTB makes grease guard pedals. Does anyone out there know if they work well? I wouldn't mind pumping in grease every few months, but I wonder if the seals are as water-tight as on a traditional pedal.
MKS re: Durable, maintainable flat/toeclip pedals?charlieboy
Sep 29, 2003 6:41 AM
MKS make a number of this style of pedal


My memory doesn't go back far enough to remember longevity of this make, though I know I've used them - sorry.