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XTR Cantilever Technical Question(3 posts)

XTR Cantilever Technical QuestionDrupa
Sep 28, 2003 7:44 PM
I am installing a used set of M900 XTR cantilevers and do not have a parts diagram.

My question concerns the orientation of the removeable sleeve that fits into the mounting hole and over the canti stud. Should the flanged end of the sleeve be at the bolt end, or should it bottom out on the stud? Either way seems to work...

Two possible answers...russw19
Sep 29, 2003 2:07 PM
Either go to and follow the links to the tech manual online and check that out, or else try asking this question over at There may be some people here who can answer this, but since no one has yet, I would tell you to ask at the Mountain Bike Forums on instead. You may get a faster reply.

Two possible answers...Synchronicity
Sep 29, 2003 8:13 PM
I have these same brakes.
From memory, the large diamerter flange should rest up against the base of the mounting studs, So that the rest goes inside the cantilever. I think this is right, as I'm going off my memory, and its been a while
The brakes are meant to sit as close to the frame as possible. So if there's 2 ways of doing it, make sure that they're not sticking out & away from the frame too much.