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Anybody else have problems with Sram R9 cassette?(3 posts)

Anybody else have problems with Sram R9 cassette?TWD
Sep 27, 2003 1:19 PM
Has anybody else had any shifting problems with the SRAM R9 road cassette? I'm getting ghost shifts in the middlle to smaller cogs when hammering out of the saddle.

I got the cassette earlier this year with an all new Ultegra drivetrain (hubs, cranks, rings, BB, FD, and RD) and new SRAM PC-59 chain. It's darn near caused me to crash in several races and in traffic.

I put in a spare wheel with an ultegra cassette, and it shifts perfectly. With all else being the same, that isolates the problem in the cassette.

Upon looking at the SRAM cassette, it almost looks like 1 tooth per cog on the ones I'm having trouble with appear to be bent. I can't tell if this is SRAMs idea of some sort of shifting ramp on the cogs, or if the cassette is damaged. Early on in it's life I did notice a bent link in my chain which I promptly replaced. Funny, since I don't ever remember making any hard shifts or jammed the chain.

The problem has gotten progressively worse and is now intollerable.

I thought I remember someone posting something hear regarding a similar problem with teeth bending on a SRAM road cassette.

I've never had any troubles with SRAM chains or their MTB cassettes.

What's the deal, has anyone else had any problems?
re: Anybody else have problems with Sram R9 cassette?torquecal
Sep 27, 2003 2:45 PM
I have an R9 11-23 that I put on my Tiagra equipped (but with a SRAM Chain) Trek 1200. I didn't have any ghost shifting problems but the shifts were much slower than a DA cassette and it was significantly louder, almost clanking noisy.

I took it back off after one ride.
re: Anybody else have problems with Sram R9 cassette?winstonc
Sep 28, 2003 9:03 AM
I've got an SRAM cassette and PC-59 chain on an Ultegra drivetrain. No problems here.. I also don't see a bent tooth anywhere; it just looks like normal shifting ramps to me.