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Disc wheel speed(2 posts)

Disc wheel speedKramer7
Sep 27, 2003 12:53 AM
I looking at purchase a second hand disc wheel, it's a Mavic F219
Don't know much about disc wheels
Any comments would be great.

Cheers Kramer
re: Disc wheel speedletsGoOn2
Sep 27, 2003 2:37 PM
Hey Kramer,

I assume you're planning to use this disk on a TT rig? What wheels are you currently using and what kind of courses do you typically ride? How fast can you keep the bike rolling with your current setup on your typical courses?

I have an '03 909 and a Hed 3 (an H3 is always on the front) and found that I'm consistently 10-15 seconds
i slower
with the disk compared to the H3 on my club's weekly 10 mile mostly flat TT course.

The H3 is ~200 grams heavier than the 909, but almost as aero into a headwind. I'm definitely better off with the H3 in a crosswind and I think the added weight actually helps to maintain momentum on a slightly rolling course. I also believe that a disk becomes more beneficial as speed increases. Right now my sustainable speed is about 26.5 mph; there's a good chance that I'd be better off with the disk most of the time if I could crank it up just an extra mph or two.

My advice would be to seriously consider a disk if any of the following are true:

1) If you average speeds hover around the 30mph mark.
2) You compete on fast, flattish courses that aren't prone to strong crosswinds.
3) You've found a great deal on this disk and just want your bike to sound like a warbling UFO as you roll down the road. :-)