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Would you do it? brand new Rolf vigors for $600?(9 posts)

Would you do it? brand new Rolf vigors for $600?myette10
Sep 25, 2003 8:21 PM
I need a set of racing wheels and I've heard good things on these. I can get them on the cheap from a store going out of business.
re: Would you do it? brand new Rolf vigors for $600?lyleseven
Sep 25, 2003 9:22 PM
I don't own any but a friend of mine sells them at his store and that is a very reasonable price. He tells me that they are a great wheel, but just started carrying them so doesn't know the long term durability on them. At that price it's not a bad risk!
Sep 26, 2003 9:25 AM
I just paid $300 for minty used ones on ebay- but it was a bit of a buy-it-now fluke and they needed to be trued (all the others were running over $600 used)- so in short- $600 is a bargain.

They are very light wheels, very quiet rims, nice ride- not as stiff as the Ksyriums, but noticeably lighter. For six bills you can start digging into carbon-rimmed wheels.

The braking surface is a bit narrower than on most rims... and Rolf still maintains a bit of the negative association from Trek... but damn, they are lightweight without feeling too fragile.

I still think $600 and esp $875 is too steep for aluminum rimmed wheels....
How about Record/Aerolite for $300?Kerry Irons
Sep 26, 2003 5:19 PM
Just as good a wheel (weight, strength, durability, rolling resistance, etc.) and can be maintained by you or any competent shop. Or is it important to have a certain brand or a certain look?
How about Record/Aerolite for $300?ngl
Sep 27, 2003 2:56 PM
Are they in the same weight category?
Sorry, I meant Aerohead - same weight as boutique wheelsKerry Irons
Sep 27, 2003 3:18 PM
Think about it! How light can you safely make a rim? Whether it is Velocity, MAVIC, FIR, etc. they all come in at 410-420 gm. The "350" wheels are proving not to be very durable. Surprise! Lower spoke count wheels by definition mean heavier rims for the same durability. Are you going to beat a Record hub for any measure of performance? Put it all together with honest weights (compare w/o QR skewers, actually weigh the boutique wheels) and you'll find that you can build a 28 spoke Aerohead/Record unit for essentially the same weight as anything but the carbon rim tubular units from Zipp & Co.
Sorry, I meant Aerohead - same weight as boutique wheelspalewin
Sep 27, 2003 5:43 PM
Kerry: Do you know of 350 rim failures? I've been racing on AC350s, and the only issues I've come across involve the hubs - I've frozen a bearing, and others have had freehub issues (all promptly repaired by AC, by the way). But after a season of racing the rims seem fine. I grant that a heavier rim will be more bomb-proof, but since rotating weight at the rim is the most noticeable factor in acceleration, it's the place to save weight (at least for a racing wheel, as opposed to a daily training wheel). (From everything I've read, the rim on the Rolf Vigors is a redrilled version of the AC350.)
The most noticeable factor in wheels is...hirevR
Oct 1, 2003 4:07 AM
...aerodynamics. even in accelerations. so check the rim depth to be the same between the aeroheads and vigors. check out this article which seems to explain it very well concerning wheels:
comments on comments on comments...jimsawino
Sep 30, 2003 9:58 AM
the rolf prima vigor is the deep-section rim used on the ac 420 wheel. it has a large aerodynamic advantage over the velocity aerohead combo mentioned with its 34mm profile rim and lower spoke count (16? 18?) compared to the velocity which is in the low 21-24mm range and has 28 spokes. i have heard of issues with the ac hubs but have heard that the problems haven't been an issue with the rolfs. as far as racing wheels with aluminum rims go, unless you're only climbing steep hills, the rolf prima is about as fast as they get.