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Hutchinson Carbon Comp Airlights too small?(1 post)

Hutchinson Carbon Comp Airlights too small?closet roadie
Sep 25, 2003 5:23 PM
I put on a set of Hutchinson Carbon Comp Airlights on my Trek 2220 earlier this month. They were a real pain to mount on the Bontrager Select wheels; they were so tight I could barely mount them, even after letting them heat up in the 95 degreee California sun. In about 300 miles in 3 weeks I've already have 4 flats. It's all I can do to change the tube without pinching it while installing it, as there is literally about a foot of bead that I have to force on with the tire levers. I ended up with a flat in the rain today and two pinched tubes later I just ended up riding back to the hotel about 3 miles with the rear flat.

I've used Continentals and Bontrager tires as well; the first mount is usually a little tight, but after that it is not a problem. Am I the only one with this issue with the Hutchinsons? I need to find a shop in the Delray Beach, FL area to pick up another set of Bonti Race Lights tomorrow so I can spend the weekend riding instead of cursing at tires that are too small.