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Flight Deck wired?(3 posts)

Flight Deck wired?Steve-a-Reno
Sep 24, 2003 4:34 PM
I am a newbie to road bikes and am about to pick up my first ('03 Specialized Allez Comp Cro-Mo 18) from layaway very soon. I was wondering if the Shimano flight deck was worth the cost and if the wireless option is worth the additional cost?

No racing for me and I will hopefully attend some local bike club rides but I'm looking for weight loss and improved health primarilly.

I have read the reviews but wanted to realtime opinions.

Is the addition of an altimiter and temp(other makes and models) worth it for a beginner riding in flatland Florida? I really just want the cadence (virtual in this case right?) and distance/speed features mostly.

Thanks as always and I hope to soon drop some poundage and someday contribute to the board instead of contstantly taking.
re: Flight Deck wired?moschika
Sep 24, 2003 10:53 PM
Hey Steve,

it's a tough call. i just bought the flight deck when i got my new bike. i like that i don't have to take my hand off the bars to scroll through the display. i like that i'm using something on the bike that's on there for a specific reason(the little buttons). the display is a good size. the virtual cadence is nice feature without wires and sensors tied all over your bike.

i got the wired kit because it's cheaper. personally i don't think the wireless is really all that an adavantage. there is only one real visible wire from the fork up to the display. the other wires are wrapped under the handlebar tape. you can get more or less the same functions for less but...

as far as the altimeter and temp, i'ld wait before you spring for more features that you may not want or need. if you find yourself wanting to know all that later then get them later.
re: Flight Deck wired?Akirasho
Sep 27, 2003 9:19 AM
... Flight Deck is a relatively natural extension to a bike equipped with Flight Deck compatible levers... True, that you can find more feature laden 'pooters or less expensive... and virtual cadence (cadence based on speed and gear ratio rather than true crank revolutions) is a compromise... I don't regret having Flight Deck on several FD compatible bikes...

That said... there isn't a whole lot of diff 'tween the wired and wireless... in fact... wireless still requires wires to be run to the mode buttons located in the STI levers... only the sensor/transmitter is wireless (still, not too hateful).

Altimeter and temp features are those rarely used... even by those who have them. Most often, folks are interested in current MPH and distance... with cadence fitting in there somewhere (granted, those who live or train in hills/mountains would probably like altimeter settings... but those can be tricky with respect to accuracy).

Good luck!

Be the bike.