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Replacing Componentsandrw313
Sep 22, 2003 6:54 PM
I have a 2002 Giant OCR2 Road bike with full tiagra setup except the brakes which are tektro and the hubs which are sora. I was wondering when I need to start replacing parts. I know cases vary from rider to rider but I'm looking for an estimate. How often do you need to replace the chain (I don't need a perfectly new chain all the time but when performance is seriously sacrificed then it's time), tires: front? back? Brake Pads? Deurailler Front? Back? Chain Rings? Wheelset? Cranks? Cleats? Pedals? Any other parts that might need replacing I want to know please! THANKS FOR THE HELP!
re: Replacing Componentslyleseven
Sep 22, 2003 8:29 PM
If you keep your driveline clean you should get at least 1500 miles on a chain. I get more than that but clean my driveline every 300-400 miles. Some advocate changing rear cassette with chain; I don't think that is necessary. You can buy a chain wear gauge and keep track of wear. As for brakes, depends on how much you use them on hills, etc. Usually, you can tell when they get close to end just visually. None of this stuff is going to wear out fast unless you are racking up the miles. I had an old hybrid Shimano equipped Univega that I rode about 1000 miles a year for 9 or 10 years and never replaced anything except the brake pads!
re: Replacing Componentsedmundtan
Sep 22, 2003 10:34 PM
I have a '02 OCR 2 frameset that I bought used. It came with an Easton EC70 carbon fork. Built it up with mostly Ultegra parts and I can't tell you enough how well the bike rides. I even went touring with it and went through some very rough roads in UK.

Swap out the fork for a carbon one. Other then replacing worn items, Ultegra components are great.
Replace things when they wear out (duh)Kerry Irons
Sep 23, 2003 5:43 PM
For a chain, this means 0.5% elongation (1/16" elongation over 12", which is 24 links). Mileage varies widely. For tires, I move the front to the rear when the rear just starts to show casing threads, and then put a new tire on the front (best rubber on the front). Others think this is way too much tire wear, but it has worked fine for me. Mileage is dependent on tread thickness and rider weight. Front tires don't wear out unless you're doing a lot of heavy braking. Brake pads are replaced when they hit the wear line or when the grooves are gone (depending on the pad design). Derailleurs generally don't need replacing unless they get so sloppy that shifting deteriorates. Mileage could vary all over the place. Replace chain rings when they get noticeably "shark finned" or shifting deteriorates. Mileage might be as little as 15K miles or well over 50, depending on your weight and how well you kept the chain clean, lubed, and replaced on time. Cranks don't often need replacement. Replace cleats when pedals stop working properly (false release, hard to release, can't get rid of the squeak) or when the bolts start to wear because the plastic is all gone. Pedals & hubs replace when they can't be adjusted properly or get too loose. Mileage is totally uncertain.