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Newbie asking for some 10 speed help.(6 posts)

Newbie asking for some 10 speed help.Steve-a-Reno
Sep 21, 2003 1:42 PM
I am buying a Lemond Zurich soon and it's coming with Ultegra 53,39 up front and a Shimano 12 -27 in the rear.

Someone recently told me, suggested to me, mentioned , that he was going to upgrade his bike to 10 speed soon (Campy or new Shimano I don't know). I don't think he was a racer but I really couldn't tell. Is this a race oriented move or was he just being bragadocious in front of the newbies?

What does this get you(him)?
More gear choices and smoother transitions between gears? Why not just go to a triple up front; wouldn't that be cheaper?
Can one simply swap out the rear derailleur, cassette, and chain or is it more involved?
What are the pros and cons of making this parts change/upgrade?

I am a beginning rider and don't think the 10 speeds will benefit me until my skills are good enough to warrant that sort of expenditure over the bike itself. But what do the riders who are more experienced have to say? Why would one make the leap from 18 to 20 speeds?
re: Newbie asking for some 10 speed help.JimP
Sep 21, 2003 2:30 PM

The 10 speed versus 9 can be a religious debate. I have heard some shop mechanics that say the Campy 10 speed chains don't last where others say they last as long as the 9 speeds.

The racers want the 10 speeds for greater range - 11-19 for the 9 speed while 11-21 for the 10 speed. I would prefer the 10 speed to get a 12-25 and still keep the 16. The triple front would be a good option for those who have to climb steep hills. However, the triple front does add more weight and can be more difficult to keep adjusted and trimmed.

The conversion is more than just the deralleur, cassette and chain. You need the new levers with the 10 speed capability. You should probably change the chainrings and crankset too since the new chain will be thinner. That might also mean you should change the front deralleur also.

re: Newbie asking for some 10 speed help.Rusty Coggs
Sep 21, 2003 4:26 PM
The zurich comes with 9 speed leave it that way.Besides the serious epidemic called upgrade fever,some people just like to spend money. Shifters are the expensive part.A triple is mostly about LOWER gears for hills. I have 9 and 10.Both work fine.Lance won the tour 5 straight on 9 speeds.Many of his competitors had 10.
Lance won the 5th on 10 speed! (nm)deHonc
Sep 21, 2003 5:59 PM
Sep 21, 2003 8:56 PM
I think Lance could win the Tour with a 5 speed!
Damm, but...4 out of 5 still isn't bad...:)....nmRusty Coggs
Sep 22, 2003 5:15 AM