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sealed pulleys for Campy Centaur 10sp?(6 posts)

sealed pulleys for Campy Centaur 10sp?Creakyknees
Sep 21, 2003 8:12 AM
Back in the day, Bullseye used to make sealed bearing derailleur pulleys that worked way better than the plastic crap that came stock on Campy and Shimano.

I've looked around a bit, can't find any that seem to be 10-speed compatible.

Anybody know where I might find something like this?

Actually, you're confusedKerry Irons
Sep 21, 2003 5:35 PM
The Bullseye and Carmichael pulleys were quite popular when they first came out, but at the end of the day, everyone figured out that they offered no advantages, cost a lot more, were a bit of a solution looking for a problem, and in some cases were not as durable, etc. as the original equipment. As to the "plastic crap that came stock" I've had Campy pulleys last 90K miles. How long did your Bullseye's last?
tacx makes them:, easy to get in shops (nm)philippec
Sep 22, 2003 1:47 AM
re: sealed pulleys for Campy Centaur 10sp?JimP
Sep 22, 2003 1:40 PM
The stock jockey wheels on the Dura-Ace and Record have ball bearings but... Contrary to Kerry, there a some bearings that are much better than Campy or Shimano. The Shimano bearings are small and not sealed, despite their claim. Campy bearings have been soft and seem to wear more quickly than they should. Any jockey wheel can last 100k miles, even with bronze sleeve or ceramic bearings but they have much more drag than a set of new ball bearings. The Tacx wheel is plastic with a pressed in sealed bearing - 11 tooth primarily for Shimano and will work with Campy 10 speed, according to the Nashbar website. The plastic wheels may wear faster than the CNC aluminum but are quieter.

That's strange...divve
Sep 22, 2003 9:37 PM
...because my Record pulley wheels both have bushing type bearings (brass/hardened steel I'm presuming). Never had problems with the rubber shielded Shimano ball bearings in my MTB derailleurs either. Important is whenever you pull one of those pulley wheels apart is to pack the outer metal shield with grease. This will act as a barrier for water/dirt/grime. For the remainder leave them alone as much as possible. Don't spray any cleaners into them and they should last a long time with little maintenance. Regarding Tacx...I see MTB guys replacing those things all the time due to lousy bearings. The only reason they got them in the first place was to save money over OEM Shimano pulleys. The ones for XTR cost about half the derailleur....
re: sealed pulleys for Campy Centaur 10sp?Rob Sal
Sep 23, 2003 10:03 AM
I'm not a Shimano user but can cofidently state that Campag have not used ball bearings in their jockey wheels since the days of Corsa Record. One of the reasons that early Campag Syncro indexing was not on a par with Shimano can be put fairly and squarely on the lack of builtin play in the top jockey wheels like Shimano pioneered.