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Home-Brew Redux(8 posts)

Home-Brew ReduxJimP
Sep 19, 2003 10:29 AM
Ok, I have recently switched to the home-brew crew. I cleaned my chain like usual with the naptha in the chain-box cleaner after about 300 miles. The chain was as clean as it was when I used the hot wax lubrication method and rode 300 miles.

I had some of the old Performance wax that was still in the can and disolved it in some naptha. I created a mix of 50% naptha/wax solution, 25% Marvel Mystery Oil, & 25% Mobil 1 oil. I put the new brew in a different chain box and used that to apply the mix after cleaning. I think the chain-box method of application is better than dripping it on the chain since the links are flexed several times while running through the lube. I also think removing the cluster and chainrings for cleaning every other time is a good idea. I clean and relube the jockey wheels when cleaning the cluster. I may be considered anal-retentive but I like to see clean gears.

Yes, you are anal retentiveKerry Irons
Sep 19, 2003 4:36 PM
Are you sure it's hyphenated? At any rate, removing the chainrings, cassette, and derailleur pulleys every other week (I lube weekly) really only results in excess wear on the threaded parts. Absent a problem requiring otherwise, I remove these parts once a year for the annual overhaul, and this procedure has served me very well for 35+ years.

It would be interesting to hear how your elaborate mix of ingredients offers some sort of improvement in lube performance compared to the standard home brew or ProLink. Did you arrive at this concoction by experiment, or is it just a stew you made up because it seemed like a good idea? The standard application procedure is to get the chain just to where it starts dripping and then repeatedly shift through all the gears. I think this gives you just as much chain flexing as your chain cleaner. With all the shifting, any dirt on the chain is suspended in the lube, which you then thoroughly wipe off, leaving a clean chain with lube only between the plates and in the rollers.
Yes, but if you lube your wrenches in the homebrew as well I have found the wear on the fasteners to be much less ! ! ! : ) nmthe bull
Sep 20, 2003 3:28 AM
Yes I am anal retentiveJimP
Sep 20, 2003 5:19 PM
The original Performance wax was more than just parafin. It was pink and smelled like the Marvel Mystery oil. I had used the Marvel oil for many years, both for autos and bikes. It is a synthetic, but like a vegatable based oil. Its greatest property is that it doesn't attract dirt like the petrolium oils seem to.

I have used the naptha as a cleaner in the chain box so I can see how much dirt I am attracting to the chain and make sure the chain is clean before hot waxing so I have continued to clean the chain before lubing. Since I had used the chain cleaner and hot waxed for about as many years as you have ridden, I created the brew a little thicker and added the wax to be closer to what I am used to. The wax is slower to work out of the links and will release the oil as necessary.

The clean / lube method is probably faster and cleaner by using the 2 chain boxes, one for cleaning and one for lubing. There isn't much dripping and not much left to wipe off.

And ...JimP
Sep 20, 2003 5:31 PM
I have found that the jockey wheels create a buzz when they need some attention. I have been using the Carmichael "sealed bearing" pulleys and they do like a drop of lube under the seal at least every 1,000 miles. I used to ride about 6,000 miles per year and race in triathlons. That put a lot of rain, dirt, and mud in the geartrain so I started to figure out what caused the noise by experimentation. I figure that any noise in the geartrain is drag and since I am so anal retentive, I want to eliminate that drag, and the annoying noise. The Carmichael aluminum pulleys may be louder than the OEM plastic pulleys but have always had much better bearings. They like a drop of grease and a couple of drops of oil periodicly. I have even had to flush them out after a 50 mile ride home in a downpour where everything started to squeek.

Carmichael doesn't have that good a reputationKerry Irons
Sep 21, 2003 4:55 PM
That's why you're having to maintain them so frequently. Many reports of poor bearing life, etc. They were really popular when they first came out, but the results haven't been that great.
Other sealed bearing pulleys?fallzboater
Sep 24, 2003 7:38 PM
Are there other brands of sealed bearing pulleys that are better, or should I just stick with the standard Shimano? I'm still using an old 8-speed 600 rear derailleur, which works fine but needs new pulleys.

Other sealed bearing pulleys?JimP
Sep 25, 2003 9:53 AM
The Charmichael pulleys have worked well for me over the last 20 years. I have also used the Tacx pulleys that were also very good. Some folks have not been as pleased with either of these but Lennard Zinn has kind words to say about the Tacx pulleys.