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bar recommendation - shortest reach to ergo brake levers(11 posts)

bar recommendation - shortest reach to ergo brake leverscharlieboy
Sep 19, 2003 2:17 AM
Any recommendations based on experience (not manu stats!)for handlebars with the shortest hand reach to the brake levers in the drops?

I use Campy ergo levers and like the top line from top of bar to top of ergo levers to be pretty flat.

I currently use a Cinelli Altera bar, (and yes they have been fine, just getting old, with big reach to levers) so please no recommendations for exotica made from unobtainium - I just like riding my bike, not flashing the cash!
Sorry Charlie...TFerguson
Sep 19, 2003 4:02 AM
I have small hands and have tried many of the supposed small hand bars – Salsa Short & Shallow, Salsa Poco, Terry – along with standard bars. Mounted levers and measured. They are all within 3mm.

I sold my Carbon Records (along with everything else Campy) and went to Shimano levers so that I could modify them to have a shorter reach.

BTW, manufacturers stats for "reach" have nothing to do with the distance from the bar to the levers.

TFerguson how.....Observer
Sep 19, 2003 5:59 AM
do you modify shimano levers for shorter reach?

Shimano R600 leverskenyee
Sep 19, 2003 8:25 AM
Can be modified to bring the "rest" position of the levers closer to the handlebars. Useful if you have small hands so you don't have to reach as far w/ your fingers.

That said, the Salsa Poco has 1cm less reach to the drops supposedly (the drops are closer to you) than regular bars. Not sure if this is what charlieboy meant or whether he meant he had short fingers...
Shimano R600 levers are the expensive way...TFerguson
Sep 19, 2003 8:48 AM
I actually drilled, tapped and installed and adjustment screw on my Ultegras that work similar to the adjustment screw on MTB brake levers. See Picture. I now think that was overkill. Just get some little rubber stick-on feet such as those that go on electronics and stick them in there. As was said above, all that it does is hold them partially actuated. The R-600s just come with little wedges that you glue in. If you are getting new ones though, the R600s are coming down close to the street price of standard Ultegras.

It does make the brakes harder to adjust and I think you have to clean them out more often because they are open and scooping in dust, etc.

Hope that helps. I know that I wasn't happy to have to let go of the bars every time I wanted to reach the brake levers.

Campy even more expensive ;) -nmweiwentg
Sep 20, 2003 6:30 AM
Sorry Charlie...charlieboy
Sep 19, 2003 8:15 AM
TF, thanks for that - it's just that some newer bars described as 'ergonomic' 'bionic' 'supersonic' etc maybe just LOOK to me like they might afford small hands a chance!

Maybe some one else has a better experience, but no way am I swapping to ShimaNo shifters - I'm not prejudiced, I just prefer the way they work.

I know reach isn't the right word, but I couldn't figure out what is the correct term - but you all know what I mean!
Forget the Ergo bend barsboneman
Sep 21, 2003 8:18 AM
Try to get a set of ITM 260 or Millenium bars in their 'strada' bend. I have small hands ('7') and ride both Campag Ergo and Shimano STI, using the ITM bars. The Campy levers are much easier to reach from the drops than Shimano's. Give it a try although finding the bars may be difficult. Deda 215's in shallow drop (they also made a deep drop) strada's are also made but likewise, hard to find. You'll probably have to go through your LBS and have them order the bars from their distributor.

It's about 85mm from the back of the bar, in the hook position, to the front of the levers. Same with the STI but the lever travel's a bit different and the preference from the drops is the Ergo. From the hoods, not much difference.
Dura Ace STI viewboneman
Sep 21, 2003 8:20 AM
tape's a bit grubby but you get the idea.
Thanks everyonecharlieboy
Sep 22, 2003 12:23 AM
Thanks to Boneman and everyone else for their suggestions and advice.

Boneman's Campy setup looks good.
All of them that I have measured,...TFerguson
Sep 22, 2003 4:55 AM
standard Cinelli, cheap OEM, and special "small hand", have been 83 to 85mm from the back of the drop to the front of the lever.