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light-duty rear rack(1 post)

light-duty rear rackPoptart
Sep 17, 2003 7:42 AM
i_want to get a rear rack for mounting panniers to my commuter bike. i can't see wanting to load more than 20-25 pounds in them, so a light duty rack would be fine.

the tubus fly rack seems to be a nice choice, rated at 30lbs, very unobtrusive, nice finish (they also make a sst version), but i haven't seen it reviewed or even mentioned anywhere. unfortunately, it has a hook that is meant to clamp around the brake bridge rather than brackets that mount directly to the eyelets on my seatstays. does anyone know if this results in a wobbly rack, or has anyone found a way to mount it to the eyelets?

any other recommendations for an alternative to the tubus would be greatly appreciated! the blackburn crossrack is probably my second choice.