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What does Monobox on a frame mean?(4 posts)

What does Monobox on a frame mean?config
Sep 13, 2003 9:54 PM
My LBS here has a new frame that has 'Monobox' written on it. The frame is extremely light. Anyone know what that means? I would ask him but all he speaks is Italian.
Hehe... he said box.Atombomber
Sep 14, 2003 10:09 AM
Mono = 1 or single. The bike is shipped in only one carton, making it more eco-friendly.
It means that the bike company has a marketing departmentKerry Irons
Sep 14, 2003 5:01 PM
Monobox means absolutely nothing. It could be a derivative of monocoque, which means the frame is all one piece (typically CF composite structure) rather than glued together tubes. Then again, it could mean nothing related to the construction method. Let us not forget the TITANIUM model helmet of a few years ago - it turns out there was "titanium in the pigment." TiO2 is white pigment the world around, so bikes with white paint could claim to be Ti under that logic.
Have a look at the chainstays...Ye Olde Balde One
Sep 14, 2003 5:13 PM
Deda has a carbon chainstay unit called Monobox which is best described as a wishbone unit, the stays end up as one massive spigot which is then inserted into a female socket which is part of the (aluminum) BB shell. Of course, the whole stay assembly is heavier than the aluminium it replaces, but apparently tests show it to be stiffer (and with the resulting BB female socket I'm not surprised, it's bigger in diameter than many downtubes). Of course, advertising said Monobox is good in the sales departments eyes...hence it gets splashed on some frames as having such. Of course, as you didn't know that, the marketing department at Deda didn't do their job properly!