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Seeking Campagnolo Centaur Info/Opinions(7 posts)

Seeking Campagnolo Centaur Info/Opinionskatooom
Sep 13, 2003 7:49 PM
I am looking for information/opinions regarding this gruppo. There are no entries in the 'reviews' section for the Campagnolo Centaur components. Are these a new 'low end' hi quality group from Campagnolo?
Does anybody have any experience with this group? Does it compare to Shimano 105? or Ultegra?
I see the Centaur is available with 10sp - does it work?
Centaur on par with Ultegra, great 10s group...Spunout
Sep 14, 2003 3:16 AM
works very similar to Chorus. Except Chorus has a different rear brake and a BB system in the ergolever.

I've read it here, some cannot tell any functional difference between Centaur and Record.
re: Seeking Campagnolo Centaur Info/Opinionssjomi
Sep 14, 2003 9:48 AM
Have 1300 miles on Centaur and my previous bikes have had Ultegra and 105. I will never go back to Shimano. I love the feel of the Campy shifting. I like the mechanical feeling it has.
Excellent quality and performance, just a little heavier then Chorus. The bottom bracket and crank are not compatible with Chorus but everything else is.
I see no reason to pay more money unless you have it.
a step down....C-40
Sep 14, 2003 9:53 AM
Most consider it equal to Ultegra. The ergo levers and crank are a step down from Chorus.

The BB is pretty cheap and doesn't install with the simple splined tool used for the cassette lockring and higher level chorus and record BBs. There is no campy upgrade for the BB.

If the crank and BB were compatible with chorus and record it would be a big improvement.

If you're building a bike from scratch, I'd spend the extra for Chorus. It's worth it. If you're buying a factory built bike with no choice of components, I'm certain it will function nearly as well as the higher level groups, it's just not finished as well and it's a few ounces heavier.
very happy with my Centaur groupDaveG
Sep 14, 2003 11:39 AM
I built up a bike with Centaur 10s last year and could not be happier with the group. I think it is perhaps the best value in the Campy line. Shifting and overall performance is great. Some have complained about the BB weight and incompatibility with Chorus/Record cranks but I am not sure that is of any significance to the recreational rider
re: Seeking Campagnolo Centaur Info/Opinions10speedfiend
Sep 14, 2003 4:46 PM
First 300+ miles the shifting was finicky. My Ultegra was perfect from mile 1,very crisp and percise. My Centaur has since become smoother with 500+ miles on it, but is still not as smooth as Ultegra. Some of my ridding buddies say all Campy 10spd systems are a bit noisy and are more finicky than the 9 speed versions. Old timers keep telling me Shimano wears out while Campy wears in........Still waiting. Shifting technique and pedal pressure have way more effect on my Centaur system than with my Ultegra stuff. The shifters/hoods on the Campy stuff are way more comfy. Love the clean Campy cable routing and love tha fact you can trim the front derailuer. The Seperate Ergo shift lever is wonderful, nice to be able to shift and brake at the same time. Like I said I only have about 560 miles on my Centaur so what I know is limited to that. Bottom Bracket weight? Chorus campatability? Different Brakes? If these things concern you go Chorus, for me who the hell cares? With the money you save with Centaur, buy some wicked light wheels and reduce the weight where it realy counts.
re: Seeking Campagnolo Centaur Info/OpinionsKeeping up with Junior
Sep 17, 2003 7:55 AM
Your questions:
1) Yes, Centaur would be a part of Campy's "quality" group.
2) Experience below, also search for Daytona in archives.
3) Compares closer to Ultegra than 105.
4) 10 speed works.

Here's my background. My bike has '97 Chorus 9s, I have a tandem with '00 Ultegra, my wife has a bike with '01 Ultegra and my son has '02 Centaur 10s. IIRC Centaur was previously called Daytona in the Campy lineup. Keep in mind that Campy has a pretty good trickle down program, for example '04 Chorus might have the features of '02 Record and so on.

The Chorus has worked flawlessly from the beginning and is still going strong. This is a great group. I have been so happy with it that when ordering a new bike last week I specced Chorus again over Dura Ace and Record.

The Ultegra is OK, but I would not call it a high end product, more of a reasonably priced functional product. Certainly not on par with Chorus, probably closer to Centaur. Both the tandem and my wife's bike have tape on the shift levers to keep them from rattling. If you use a triple Ultegra only has two trim options as compared to multiple clicks for Campy.

I have ridden my sons bike a few times and the shifting works well. There does seem to be a break in period for Campy and it seems a little stiff in the beginning. Been pleased with the shifting and the 10 speed works the same as 9 speed. Seems durable and have had no problems with durability/maintenance in the first full season of riding. This includes the typical teenage brain shut downs where he occasionally crosschains or shifts under power. He is hanging in Cat 4/5 races with this setup.

I would suggest you narrow your choices between Ultegra and Centaur then you can look at Chorus/Record/DuraAce when you build your dreambike.

A few items to consider:

How do the levers fit your hands, particularly if you have large or small hands. Try them out based on your preferred riding location, hoods, drops...

If buying a triple I would give the edge to Centaur with its ability to trim the front derailer.

What does your LBS carry/service? Some shops have limited experience with Campy and as a result their recommendations are biased. Also their mechanics don't have a pile of small parts floating around in the bottom of their toolboxes when you need that special screw or something so you need to wait on the special order.

Having a 10 speed cassete allows you a wide range of gears without large jumps in the middle where you spend most your time.

Shifter type is not a big deal. I regularly switch between the Campy shifters and the Shimano shifters with no problems. You will learn either system and shifting will become natural.

Wheel choices are sometimes limited with Campy so if you are lusting over some special wheels keep this in mind. Not too much of a problem, but something to think about.

If I were going to chose a group my choices that I would consider in order would be Chorus, Dura Ace, Centaur, Ultegra. List is biased by my preference for Campy and by my budget.

You would not be making a mistake buying Centaur. There are also some reviews at Campy Only but remember that site is Very biased.

Final Note: remember the motor is what makes it go.