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Veloflex Pave(7 posts)

Veloflex Paverm6rider
Sep 13, 2003 5:00 PM
I just remembered to ask this question. Will it make a difference if I get the blace ones or it doesn't really matter. I just heard before that the colored tires don't last longer compared to black ones.
re: Veloflex Pavefiltersweep
Sep 14, 2003 4:56 AM
Legend has it that all-black tires (of any variety) contain more carbon, hence are "stronger."

I don't know that it is a big deal, since most tires historically had natural sidewalls and a black tread. Most Veloflexes have a natural sidewall (and hopefully you are riding on it).

Personally, and I love Veloflexes (have 5 unopened boxes sitting in my basement)- I only buy the all black, since they look nicer, and veloflexes are the toughest tires out there to begin with (and they don't ride like garden hoses either).

Call me superstitious... I also have all sorts of obsessive-compulsive cycling beliefs and behaviors...
re: Veloflex Paveglia
Sep 14, 2003 6:26 PM
I agree whith what is being said about these tires. Watch out for the air pressure though! I had mine at 115psi on Mavic Kryssum wheels this morning and after 5 miles the tire blew off the rim. Needless to say that it bust the tube as well. I suggest to keep the pressure closre to 100psi to be on the safe side. It is a fast tire.
re: Veloflex Pavefiltersweep
Sep 15, 2003 7:36 AM
excuse me- I meant Veloflexes are NOT the toughest tires on the planet.

I run mine at the upper end of the recommended pressure and have never had a problem- although I must say that the Paves have one of the smallest beads I've ever seen, and I really baby them when I put them on the rim. I run them on Ks as well, and have never had a problem. They go on remarkably easy without using tools.

BTW, these tires seem to be much "truer" than most... despite being handmade.
re: Veloflex PaveYe Olde Balde One
Sep 15, 2003 7:56 AM
Must buy more Pave' Must buy more Pave'.....

Well, it's almost winter, or what passes for it in SoCal. I buy em in 10's and stash em away. I'm down to my last set, and there's still the Spooktacular to ride. I use them for about 4-5 century rides or whatever, then I downgrade them to training use. That way I have nice fresh tires every month or so on my more important rides (the one's that I pay an entry fee to ride - all rides are important). I like these tires, along with the Gommitalia equivalents made by Veloflex. Life is too short to ride crappy tires.
The Word: <b>Life is too short to ride crappy tires.</b> nmSpunout
Sep 15, 2003 8:59 AM
The Word: <b>Life is too short to ride crappy tires.</b> nmlyleseven
Sep 15, 2003 6:33 PM
Buy the Veloflex Pave from Danny at critusa. Great tire. He only sells black, I believe.