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Light, Stiff, Helpful, 2yr warrente...I Love FSA!(1 post)

Light, Stiff, Helpful, 2yr warrente...I Love FSA!jjdbike
Sep 11, 2003 7:02 PM
Been shoppin the aparently great deals on FSA Pro & Team carbon cranks. I was ready to buy until I tried to figure out which BB I should go w/. I called FSA & they were honest & a world of help!
Results of BB search. Ultegra, durable but heavy. FSA ISIS Platnium, light, durable, & 2 yr warrente. Dura Ace Light, but not durable. FSA Platinum Ti, lightest, more durable than dura ace but twice as expensive, less durable than regular FSA Platinum. How long will it be before Shimano changes their octalink spline? For me the winner is FSA Platinum. 22 gms Lighter than ultegra, similarly durable w/ 2 yr warrente & I think it will be around a while.
Back to the cranks, the new superlight are noticably stiffer, at least as durable, and 50 grams lighte than the Team! I'm saving my $ for a pair of FSA Superlights for this spring!