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Rolf Prima ELAN vs Kysrium SSC SL?(11 posts)

Rolf Prima ELAN vs Kysrium SSC SL?sokratikus
Sep 11, 2003 5:50 AM
I'm looking for general purpose wheels. I want them super light but also want a fairly durable wheel. I'll do some races, maybe crits, but also your ocassional century/long ride. Any comments on the Rolf Prima ELAN overall performance? I'm leaning towards it, but seems like the Ksyriums are relative proven/dependable and may be the low risk choice.
Thanks for your inputs.
re: Rolf Prima ELAN vs Kysrium SSC SL?tirider
Sep 11, 2003 8:55 AM
You'll probably have trouble finding input on the Elan's since they are fresh out on the market this month, I believe. I'm waiting to see the longer term reviews, but they're on my list. I'll venture that they don't compare in durability to the Ksyriums (which I've owned), but that's the price one pays for shaving grams. FYI, another lightweight wheelset I've got my eyes on is the Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra ALL carbon clincher wheelset. You could be the first kid on the block with these.....
re: Rolf Prima ELAN vs Kysrium SSC SL?sokratikus
Sep 11, 2003 10:43 AM
You are right. The ELANs came out late August I believe. Jury is still out, I guess. Yeah, also waiting for the Hyperon clinchers. They're not out till next year though right? (And for twice the kasheesh). Any others that are worth looking into. Seem like we're looking for the same qualities. Thanks.
re: Rolf Prima ELAN vs Kysrium SSC SL?maurizio
Sep 11, 2003 3:27 PM
I've seen the Elan's and they are indeed light. But I think that is going to show in the durability. The paired spokes (I'm still not sold on this design for a durable wheel) are super thin. The hubs are minimalistic as well. I would go for the Mavics for an overall wheel if you need something that does it all. The Elan's would be good for a hill climb or partial use at best in my book.
American Classic 420's are worth considerationjakerider
Sep 12, 2003 7:25 AM
I have about 350 miles on my American Classic 420's and so far so good. Lighter than my k ssl's and seem strong, although I can't say they are stronger than the k's (which in my opinion are VERY strong). I have heard of freehub issues with AC 420's, but I have not experienced any. I will give a report with more details when I extend the mileage to around 1,000 miles. Wheels are aero and less expensive than the K's. You can also customize the AC's with bladed spokes and different color options as well. 1 week delivery.
re: Rolf Prima ELAN vs Kysrium SSC SL?noveread
Sep 12, 2003 10:45 AM
Check out the velomax orions as well. Very light and very durable I've found. Good buy too.

ELANS all the way!!roadeeforlife
Sep 16, 2003 6:55 AM
I bought a pair a month ago and have it small potholes train tracks and no problems at all! My Kysriums SL's on the other hand I too have had good luck. People on my club and I have found that the spokes tend to loosen up so make sure you check them once a week. The Elans I received are 1300grams compared the advertised 1250. They also come with Ti skewers instead of steel on SL's.
Elans vs. Vigorslokstah
Sep 22, 2003 10:42 AM
I'm contemplating the Elans for a new build as well, but assuming the (nearly as new) Rolf Prima Vigors have a durability advantage over the Elans (which they might), I think they're probably the better choice. The Vigors are pretty darn aero but still weigh less than the Ksyriums -- as Rolf Prima argues, they're lighter than many climbing wheels on the market.

Anyone come to the same conclusion? That unless you're a Basque mountain goat with three bikes (or 3 wheelsets), you might be better off buying the Vigors as your superlight wheel? Or is there reason to believe that the Vigors and the Elans are equally delicate? Maybe the extra weight on the Vigor is mainly attributable to the deeper rim, while the general construction standards are similar. Hmmmm...
Elans vs. Vigorssokratikus
Sep 22, 2003 10:03 PM
That's really the heart of the dilema. It's hard to turn away from a ~200-300 gram savings (maybe more). But how much do you sacrifice in terms of durability and overall ride is the question. Sigh. Help.
Elans vs. Vigors vs. Topolinoslokstah
Sep 23, 2003 9:33 AM
Trouble is, in the sub-$1000 range, it's hard to conceive of a sub-1300g wheelset that isn't intended for race-day use only. They go on about strength and durability in the RolfPrima press releases, but I wish they'd either suck it up and either put out some real recommendations for use and rider-weight, or go ahead and toot their horn (these babies will last forever!), like Topolino has.

I've actually been in contact with one of the developers at Rolf Prima, and he ultimately didn't seem to answer the question (whether the Vigor presented a durability advantage over the Elan). I think I'm wavering, at this point, between the Vigors and the Topolinos, while the Elans haunt my subconscious...

ELANS all the way!!sokratikus
Sep 23, 2003 9:41 PM
How are your Elans performing after more miles. Not sure but was your comment on spokes loosing referring the SLs or the Elans?

I'd really love to get them and save the weight, but am concerned about the ride quality, responsiveness and durability. Any thoughts on these factors? (We know they're super light of course.) Thanks.