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Front hub question...32h hub with 28h rim?(7 posts)

Front hub question...32h hub with 28h rim?crestlinefarm
Sep 10, 2003 3:18 PM
What do you think about using mis-matched rims & hubs? I have a pair of Shimano 105 hubs with 32h, and a nice pair of light aero rims but the front rim is 28h and the rear is 32h. I was thinking of building the front wheel skipping a hole every 7 spokes, but didn't know if this would cause fatigue problems?
re: Front hub question...32h hub with 28h rim?Tommasini1
Sep 10, 2003 3:33 PM
Seen it done once with a radial spoked pattern - guess it could work for crossed too and the change caused might not affect spoke length to a great degree. Check out the classifieds though and maybe you'll get lucky with a 28 hole front hub too.
Unless you're going radialKerry Irons
Sep 10, 2003 4:21 PM
You're going to have a VERY hard time with the spoke pattern if you do any crossings, and you'll end up with a mix of different spoke lengths. If you go radial, you still might have different spoke lengths, and you run the risk of pulling the hub flange apart - these hubs were not designed for radial spoking and don't have much metal in the force path of a radially pulling spoke. I wouldn't do it.
Supergo is selling 28h Ultegra Frnt hubs for $19.98 (nm)DaveLobster
Sep 11, 2003 5:23 AM
off roadie - Have this on CAD?...TFerguson
Sep 11, 2003 6:27 AM
You have to be carefull on rim/hub mix and match patterns or you will end up with uneven forces, such as more trailing force on one side of the hub and more leading force on the other. For the pattern you suggest, I think all four of the open holes will be on the same side of the hub. Unless it's a very simple pattern that you can draw by hand, CAD is required (for me anyway). There is an article on Sheldon's site using (I think) a 36h hub and 24h rim to give you an idea of the complexity.
re: Front hub question...32h hub with 28h rim?brider
Sep 11, 2003 10:20 AM
I have a rear commute wheel (650 size, single speed) that's a mismatched 36h hub abd 32h rim. No problems. What I did was to have the skipped hub holes at 12 and 6 o'clock positions on one side, and 3 and 9 o'clock positions on the other side. That's on a 3 cross pattern, and I had no problems with wierd lacing patterns or needing varied spoke lengths.
You mind posting some pictures ? I am interested. Thx.PeterRider
Sep 11, 2003 12:42 PM