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Shimano SPD-SL or Speedplay zero or X, recent knee surgery(7 posts)

Shimano SPD-SL or Speedplay zero or X, recent knee surgeryrdgunner
Sep 9, 2003 11:46 AM
I just had ACL reconstruction 4 months ago, and am looking for pedals for my road bike. I am looking at the Shimano SPD-SL and the Speedplay. I understand they both have float, but the speedplay has considerably more.

My question is "typically" does the shimano have enough to take the stress off the knees, or do you need all the float that the Speedplay gives you?

Plus any other recommendations to help me decide between the two.
2 thumbs up for the SpeedPlay X-2'sshrEd
Sep 9, 2003 12:12 PM
I had knee surgery (torn meniscus) last year as well so when I was building up my new road bike this year I had the same exact choice as you.

I choose the SpeedPlay X-2's and I'm super glad that I did. Now I don't remember excessive knee pain from my older Look style Shimano pedals when that's all I had, but after riding the SpeedPlays for 2 months I went back to the Look style for a rain ride and I couldn't stand them. I'm totally addicted to the X-2's and I can imagine why I rode in the others for so long. They are really excellent.

Some people say don't change it if it isn't broke, but I say don't assume you have the best for yourself w/o trying something else.

If you choose the SpeedPlay's, I'd recommend getting them from somewhere you could return them, since I've heard some people don't like the float while others like myself love it.

X seriesChen2
Sep 9, 2003 1:11 PM
After 5 knee surgeries my knees really appreciate my Speedplay X-1's. X-2's are the best dollar value. Zero's are good for people with long feet that scrape the chain stays.
re: Shimano SPD-SL or Speedplay zero or X, recent knee surgeryspecializedfan
Sep 9, 2003 1:20 PM
Had knee arthro knee surgery for chipped bones. After which when I would ride alot or real hard my knee would hurt pretty bad. Tried X pedals on advice from freind,was using looks.It did not take me very long to realize they were way better than the Looks,and it only took me a couple of ride to get used to the float.I don't think I would ever use any other pedal now!
re: Shimano SPD-SL or Speedplay zero or X, recent knee surgerydmoulton
Sep 9, 2003 1:26 PM
I know of what you speak! I've had 4 operations on my right knee including complete ACL reconstruct.

Am riding the SPD-SL's and love them, floats just right for me. Prior I road Look 396's with adjustable float, "the creak" drove me nuts.

For me what I've found is that I need just enough float so that my knee is comfortable and relaxed, no unnecessary tension, but that to much float can actually cause my knee to hurt, to much free movement I guess. The 6 degrees of the SL's works fine in this regard for me.

I have a riding partner who rides Speedplay's and thinks they are fine although I have had other friends complain they can cause "hot spots". Best case would be if you could give each style a spin and see what works for you, if possible.
I've used both.wolfereeno
Sep 11, 2003 10:39 PM
I recently tried the SPD-SL's and think they take way too much force to pop out of them even at their most loose setting.

I like the feel of Speedplays (x3) and used them for about a year. Although I gave them up and went over to the Frogs which feel similar in terms of float. So now I just use my mountain shoes (sidi dominators) on both my MTB and my road bike.

Recently I had an extra set of road shoes and came across a pair of SPD-SL's for a great price so I figured I'd try them. But compared to the Frogs, they feel like death traps. The frogs are the easiest in and out I've every tried. Tons of float. Walkability. And I can crank on them just as hard as the X3's. The X123's would be my second favorite pedals next to Frogs.
Do you get hot spots?pedalAZ
Sep 13, 2003 7:19 PM
I ask because I use Frogs on my MTB and occasionally get hot spots with them, on long death march rides. Othwerwise, I agree that they are great.

I used them once to go on a century road ride and got hot spots along the way. I am now building a road bike and went for X1's, as they seem to distribute the load over a larger contact area through the road cleat design.