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Mavic Open Pro v.s. Bontrager Race Lite(5 posts)

Mavic Open Pro v.s. Bontrager Race Litescopestuff2
Sep 8, 2003 12:53 PM
Is there a significant difference in performance between these two wheel sets ?

Also, is there a significant difference in durability ?

I love the look of the Bontragers ... but when I think of going 35+mph down long road chatter hills, or requiring alot of lateral stability in tight downhill turns, the Bontragers scare me. I'm used to lots of spokes.

btw .... I'm a nubie ... only riding for about 6 weeks. So, if this sounds like a nubie question .... well ... I am a nubie.

Thank you !
re: Mavic Open Pro v.s. Bontrager Race Litedsm
Sep 8, 2003 2:50 PM
Low spoke count and deep v-rims look cool. However, if you have a problem with these wheel (broken spoke, flat spotted rim), who can fix them quickly and cheaply. For this reason, I prefer custom built wheels built by a good wheel builder. Check out Colorado Cyclist, Excel Sports, Peter White Cycles, Dave Thomas's Speed Dreams or Odds and Endos.

For example, I have a set of Odds and Endos Fusion road wheels (Velocity Fusion Rims, Wheelsmith AE15 spokes front, AE15 Non-Drive Side, 14-15 DB Drive Side, American Classic hubs). Very compliant ride, look cool, fairly aero and every thing is available in a pinch at a local bike shop.

Another advantage of custom wheels is that they can be built specifically for you. Consequently, if you are 150 do not want a set of wheels built to accommodate people 250 lbs since this will produce a harsh ride.

Last, you may want to consider rims 25mm deep or less (Velocity Fusion or Mavic CX33). This allows you to use tubes with standard stems (easier to find, cheaper).

Anyway, just some thoughts.

Good luck
re: Mavic Open Pro v.s. Bontrager Race LiteTNSquared
Sep 9, 2003 1:30 PM
I have about 2000 miles on a set of the Bontrager Lites with no problems. Very stable, they haven't needed any truing despite some very clumsy riding and looks like they will last forever. I weigh 175 pounds and descend on them at at 40+ mph routinely. The only time I've squirmed at all was in a *very* stiff crosswind that seemed to catch those bladed spokes and treat 'em like a propeller.

More recently, I purchased a pair of hand built wheels from Excel. Mavic cxp33's laced 2x to Ultegra hubs. I like them equally so far, and they were quite a bit cheaper. I don't know how the ride differs between the cxp33's and the Open Pros, but I've heard nothing but good things about the OP's.

Bottom line - I think the Bontrager Lites are great wheels, but I'm not sure there is any real performance difference that justifies the price, assuming you lace the OP's to some reputable hubs. Unless the high tech look is of premium value to you, Mavic Open Pros are probably a better buy, IMHO.
re: Mavic Open Pro v.s. Bontrager Race Litejjb_13
Sep 11, 2003 8:15 AM
I have about the same mileage at the same speeds on a set of the Bontragers as the previous poster and would echo his comments. I weigh 225# and have hit a couple of potholes VERY hard (looking over my shoulder) at speed with them and they remain true so far.

I have no experience with the Mavics so I can't do a direct comparison however.
re: Mavic Open Pro v.s. Bontrager Race Litelyleseven
Sep 19, 2003 8:59 PM
I think the Open Pro is one of the sturdiest and comfortable wheels around. I haven't had to true mine in over a year and I ride a lot. They are a bit heavy, but they are very durable and comfortable. I weigh 220 lbs. and they are the most comfortable wheel of several I ride on. I highly recommend them, especially because they are very reasonable.