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Ritchey Pro V3 pedals(2 posts)

Ritchey Pro V3 pedalsgf99
Sep 8, 2003 11:54 AM
Anyone use these and can comment? I couldn't find them in the reviews section. I have a chance to get some new for $30 which seems like a great buy. Thanks.
Hope it's not too late...mexican-JUMPING-frijoles
Sep 18, 2003 2:06 PM
I hope you have not bought them. I have gone through two pairs in 5 months. First pair would not clip out properly and caused me to crash. After 2 months all the screws came loose and had to be retightened after every other ride. I contacted Ritchey and they sent a replacement. After two months on the replacements and several more annoying problems, the cleat stayed in the pedal while the bolts stripped. I have since returned them to the shop I bought them at for a full refund. Now riding on Shimano SPD-SL Ultegras and I love them.