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seatpost upgrade(6 posts)

seatpost upgraderm6rider
Sep 7, 2003 5:04 AM
is it worth upgrading from Bontrager Racelite to Thompson Elite on my roadbike? Thanks.
re: seatpost upgradeDINOSAUR
Sep 7, 2003 7:25 AM
I just pulled a Thomson Elite non-setback off of my bike. If you need a seatpost with a non-setback, the Elite is an excellent post. Light, strong, easy to dial in (once you get the hang of it) durable, excellent quality, looks good.
Thomson does have a setback version of the Elite which they accomplish by bending the seatpost. I'm told this might effect the height setting and I don't think they make a 27.2 in black (if it matters). I swapped out for a Salsa Shaft, which has a unique setting for the tilt and fore/aft. You can dial in the tilt without effecting the fore/aft setting (and vice versa). I needed a seatpost with a setback and the Salsa worked, and it did not break the bank. If price is an option (I found a Salsa Shaft for $45.00) you might also consider a ITM Mantis road post (around $59.00). Just make sure you order the right length as some bike catalogs don't list a length. I had to cut my Salsa down. What ever you do, try to get a seatpost with a 2 bolt. They have more bite and you can dial in the tilt exactly where you want it. The big difference in the prices has to do about weight, as with everything else in cycling.
I'm sure there are lot's of other seatposts that would work just as well.
re: seatpost upgradeChris Cavin
Sep 7, 2003 7:56 AM
I have a Thomson setback on my Ti bike and I absolutely love it. Have had carbon fiber posts and nothing but trouble with them. Highly recommend Thomson products.
to do what?DaveG
Sep 7, 2003 10:16 AM
no question that the Thomson is a great post but seatposts pretty much just hold your seat and not much else. If your current post already does that adequately, what's the point of spending money? I am not sure what you would be gaining other than better adjustability and perhaps some very small weight savings. I guess it depends on how much money you have burning a hole in your pocket. There are probably better things to spend upgrade money on though
Agree, FWIW--about the last thing I'd upgraderetro
Sep 8, 2003 8:06 AM
There's just such a small advantage in relation to the cost that a post is about the last thing I can think of that I'd upgrade. Assuming they didn't break, I'm sure I couldn't tell a difference between the cheapest post out there and the most expensive.
setback is an issue also...DINOSAUR
Sep 8, 2003 8:03 AM
Thomson's setback post does not offer a lot of setback (10o). You will have a problem getting your saddle back far enough with a Thomson seatpost. Unless you are looking for a more forward position or have short legs and setback is not an issue. It could throw your whole position out of whack and create all types of problems.

Check the reviews for seatposts on this site. There is a lot of good information there.....

What I do is- if it ain't broke don't fix it....