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bearing replacement - on Dt Swiss Hugie 240 front hub(4 posts)

bearing replacement - on Dt Swiss Hugie 240 front hubroadcycle
Sep 5, 2003 9:46 PM
Good day,

I would like to ask assistance for the following maintanance issue :
When lifting the front of the bike and turning the wheel by hand (the wheel is Rolf Vector Pro with DT Swiss Hugie 240 hub - after riding on it about 2,700 km. on smooth asphalt roads in dry conditions only ) - there is a "clankin" sond-and when pushing the wheel from side to side there is slight play.
The local bike shop sugests that one of the hub bearings needs replacement with a standart industrial cartrige bearing of the same characteristics & size.
I will aprreciate advice before proceeding on those questions:

1. Should only original DT Swiss bearings be used when
replacing the bearing?
If yes can they be purchased on line ?

2. Should both bearings be replaceed on the same hub -
once one needs replacement ?

3. Finally how often or after how many miles of normal
usage in dry conditions should those hubs be
serviced ?

Thanks very much,
to anyone who encauntered this issue,
re: bearing replacement - on Dt Swiss Hugie 240 front hublt
Sep 6, 2003 7:42 AM
I have the 240 Hugi Shimano road hubs. The hubs use standard sealed bearings which are available from many suppliers. To service them, you will need to go to the web site and download the hub manual. It has a schematic which lists the hub bearing serial numbers (6902 or 6802). The bearings come in pairs and both bearings should be changed. I have used enduro brand bearings and notice no difference in function. You can order these bearings from any LBS or online from or Cambria for about $5-6 each. The bearings are press fit and requires purchase of a DT 240 Hugi service kit and a bench vice inorder to remove and replace them. I was able to purchase the kit from for about $90.00. Since you only have to service the hubs and lube the star rachets every year, you might be better off getting an LBS to work on the them. Lubing the rear hub star rachets every 6 months seems to make the most difference in keeping the hubs run smooth. I have had to change the rear hub bearings once at 2500 miles and hubs are working like new.
re: bearing replacement - on Dt Swiss Hugie 240 front hubWOY
Sep 7, 2003 5:54 AM
The DT Swiss 240 bearings are normal sized bearing that you can purahase through bearing shops however the ones that come with the 240 hub are stainless bearings. Normally it is difficult to obtain stainless bearings (at least here in Oz anyway) or they are extremely expensive.

re: bearing replacement - on Dt Swiss Hugie 240 front hubroadcycle
Sep 7, 2003 10:15 AM

Just left the wheel at the local bike shop today for the fix.
I wish i had the time to learn to do it myself and some extra cash to buy the required tools for that and for other bike maintenance works, not only for saving the cost of the shop but just for the fun of it.

Thanks for the good advise, folks