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Record Carbon Crank 03 vs 04(6 posts)

Record Carbon Crank 03 vs 04MGS
Sep 4, 2003 4:54 PM
If you didn't know which year was which, would you buy the hype that the new Campy Cranks, which are injection molded and are qoute "the fineset ever" are nicer or better looking than the custom layered, hand made cranks from 2003.
I personally find the older cranks more like the carbon I see and like in carbon bikes and the forks.

I realize the new ones may be cheaper, but since Campy Record is their high end line, are they cheapening the product to increase sales.

Also, it looks just like the Chorus crank, just 15 grams lighter.
I dont think they were selling as many as the 03 CF'sthe bull
Sep 4, 2003 6:24 PM
as they wanted to.So now they are going to make the cheaper ones.
In my opinion I like the older ones.They should have not changed the cranks for Record, instead introduced the cheap carbon crank as "Chorus carbon".
I dont feel pissed that I have the 03 rather then the 04.
In fact I am glad I got the better looking ones this year and did not wait.
To tell you the truth the alloy cranks are as good or better than carbon.
Carbon is lighter but it is not worth the money.
It is cool to be the only one in town that has them,but thats it.
I got a good deal on mine but I would never pay 800 bucks thats a rip!
my 2cSynchronicity
Sep 4, 2003 8:21 PM
I got the '03 record cranks /because/ I saw how ugly the '04 ones were. They are MUCH stiffer than the alloy ones. The efficiency does seem greater.
But I grounded them (near the pedal spindle) after riding only about 10 feet! Bugger it!! I had the alloy ones nearly **2 years** and they don't have even one scratch on the bottoms of them. Damn it again!
Availability was a big reason for thisrussw19
Sep 4, 2003 10:26 PM
Until recently they only made the 172.5mm cranks available. They didn't even have 170's or 175's available to even pros. That was a big issue because the majority of aftermarket cranks sold today are actually 175's. They are about 40-45% of the aftermarket crank sales right now. So the big issue of only having one size was really hurting them for a long time.

re: Record Carbon Crank 03 vs 04Rob Sal
Sep 5, 2003 11:30 AM
When you mean the new ones are cheaper I take it you mean they are cheaper to make, rather than cheaper to buy!!

I prefer the look of the new cranks. It will be interesting to see if they have lost the ugly seam of the old 03 cranks.

Campag seem to have lost it with the identity of the 04 chainsets. The hidden arm has been a Record icon since 1986 and now Chorus gets the same cranks (for both double and triple alloy) but without the anti-friction rings (and perhaps cheaper chainring bolts).

The old Chorus cranks were a bargain which I doubt will be seen again with the 04 Chorus cranks.
re: Record Carbon Crank 03 vs 04_jim_
Sep 5, 2003 8:05 PM
i just love these vs this vs that postings