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Help if you canThe Human G-Nome
Sep 4, 2003 1:06 PM
creak problem with some detail:

.i have an aluminum Ciocc with a carbon fiber fork and steering tube, full Chorus/Record. a really horrible creak developed that only rears it's ugly head when i'm out of the saddle and especially on hard, uphill efforts. the chain has been replaced, the drivetrain has been removed, cleaned and reassembled, the headset has been adjusted - still the horrible creak.

then i noticed that if i'm off the bike standing up and then stand on just one peddle it will make that same noise - once. if i get off and stand on the peddle again the noise won't happen. BUT, if i walk to the other side, the same thing will happen - one loud creak, but if i stand on it again... nothing. any advie on how i should proceed? fork? how the forks addresses the frame? lube on carbon fiber steering tube? what should i try?