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Merckx Fuga vs. Merckx Team SC(2 posts)

Merckx Fuga vs. Merckx Team SCHarlemCracka
Sep 2, 2003 9:44 AM
Hey Folks,
I'm about to purchase a 60ctc frame and have come down to the following choices:

2002 Merckx Fuga (Alu/Carbon) $1350
2002 Merckx Team SC (Scandium) $1500

The Fuga is basically the same as the 2003 Merckx Race. The Race has some better materials. Both frames are brand new/unused.

Thoughts??? I'm torn.
re: Merckx Fuga vs. Merckx Team SCdirthead
Sep 2, 2003 9:56 AM
Last year I rode a Merckx Team SC. It was a good bike....stiff, comfortable geometry, lightweight, etc. This year, I switched to a Fondriest Carb Level, which is very similar to the Merckx Fuga, with aluminum frame and carbon seatstays. The Fondriest is a MUCH better ride! I am not saying the Team SC isn't nice, but the Carb Level is a superior riding bike. It is just as stiff, as light, and absorbs much more road vibration than the Team SC. I havn't ridden a Fuga, but the aluminum/carbon combination seems to produce a better ride than the Scandium framed Team SC.

I would go with the Fuga without hesitation and spend the $150 you would be saving on upgraded components or a new pair of shoes.

PS - If you are interested in a Fondriest, you can get a Carb Level for $1299 from Fondriest-usa, with a 4 year warranty.