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Do I need to specify "Shimano" or "Campy?"(7 posts)

Do I need to specify "Shimano" or "Campy?"R600DuraAce
Aug 31, 2003 8:31 PM
Well, I don't think the place that I am about to order a set of Velomax Tempest would reply to me tomorrow because of Labor Day. Hopefully I can get an answer here. Not sure but their site doesn't give me the option to specify either Shimano or Campy drivetrain. I read the Velomax homepage and their hubs are both drivetrain interchangeable? So, there is no need to specify which drivetrain to use?

re: Do I need to specify "Shimano" or "Campy?"russw19
Aug 31, 2003 8:45 PM
No, not quite.. if they aren't asking you to choose, you will get a Shimano freehub. It also most likely means you are getting 2002 wheels... but that is not really a bad thing. If I am correct, Velomax only started to make Campy compatible freehub bodies this year.

And the difference would mean that you can change out the freehub body to suit your needs. If you ride Campy, you need the campy body or you can use the Shimano body but you need a conversion cassette.

If you have a Campy drivetrain, I would wait until tuesday until you can talk to someone before you order. Besides, your order won't go out tomorrow, so why not wait to be sure? It's not like the wheels are gonna get there any faster if you order on monday anyways. If you are in doubt, talk to them first.

re: Do I need to specify "Shimano" or "Campy?"R600DuraAce
Aug 31, 2003 8:50 PM
Ever heard of "X-Lab" wheel???R600DuraAce
Aug 31, 2003 9:16 PM

Is it too good to be true for a sub $800 carbon wheelset??

Ever heard of "X-Lab" wheel???russw19
Aug 31, 2003 9:29 PM
I don't know anything about those wheels, but they make a clincer that is 1475 grams (700c) and for that price, that's really good. I would ask on a triathlon board about those wheels... I know X-Lab is a company that is more popular with the tri scene than the road scene. I couldn't find too much on them thru google, but they look like they are worth looking into.

Best of luck,
re: did you actually renig on that ebay Ksyrium auction you wonRusty Coggs
Sep 1, 2003 5:44 AM
Course he did. And he just called folks names when they encouraged him to do the right thing.jtolleson
Sep 2, 2003 10:42 AM
I'm no believer in eastern mysticism so maybe I don't call it karma, but somehow I do believe that what goes around comes around.