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Doh!! Stripped Threads(5 posts)

Doh!! Stripped ThreadsBroomwagon
Aug 31, 2003 5:11 PM
Just stripped the threads on a Ti bolt on my 3T ZeppXL stem. The irony of the situation was that I just purchased a torque wrench and was trying it out. I have a knocking sound that seemed to emanate from the stem/handlebar clamp area. The last time this happened, my LBS just torqued the bolts and the sound went away. Figuring that the bolts loosened just enough over time to cause the sound again, I decided to tighten them. Unfortunately, I heard a pop and the the bolt kept turning. I hope it's the ti bolt and not the threads in the stem that stripped. I couldn't have been more than a few in/lbs beyond the spec. It's hard to tell exactly on the wrench.

Does anyone know if there is a steel version of the bolt? It's 18mm long and has 4mm hex diameter. The head is rather small but probably normal for 4mm. Also, is this something that can be found at a Home Depot or Lowe's Hardware store?

re: Doh!! Stripped Threadsrussw19
Aug 31, 2003 8:54 PM
You can probably find the bolt easy at a hardware store. Just take the old one with you. But that's not going to be your problem. Titanium is a much harder metal than Aluminium. If you stripped something, it's going to be the softer metal. You may be able to get a slightly longer bolt and thread it in past the stripped part of your stem, but that's iffy at best.

Good luck,

re: Doh!! Stripped Threadsdivve
Sep 1, 2003 2:46 AM
If I'm not mistaken those bolts were recalled due to being too short. Not sure whether yours are affected as my bolts have a 16mm thread portion.

Either way I don't recommend that stem/handlebar combo. Mine also made a creak/popping sound when I pulled hard on the bars. I couldn't figure out whether it was coming from the steerer clamp or the handlebar clamp area and didn't want to find out the hard way by overtightening stuff. I suggest replacing the lot with something by ITM or Deda instead.
re: Doh!! Stripped ThreadsBroomwagon
Sep 1, 2003 7:35 AM
I measured the bolt and the threaded portion is 15mm. 3T recommends an 18mm bolt as the recall replacement but the only lengths that I've been able to find are 15mm and 20mm.

If I end up replacing the stem, do you know if Easton makes the EA70 road stem in an OS option? The only ones that I've seen are for 26.0 diameter bars.
A 20mm can be made an 18...nmRusty Coggs
Sep 1, 2003 9:13 AM