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Best hubset for a Campy/ Shimano undecided...(3 posts)

Best hubset for a Campy/ Shimano undecided...Rob in NH
Aug 31, 2003 2:06 PM
Hey all, I have a Giant TCR and want to ge a set of wheels for climbing and alaround training. I'm 155lbs and ride fairly aggressively in NH. Problem is, I don't want to commit to Shimano or Campy yet... currently running Shimano 105 but am starting to like my old Campy better, so my groupset is in limbo for now.

The wheels will be Open Pros with wahtever hub is easily converted between the two manufacturers. In other words, I dont want to have to buy a $100 adaptor if I decide to go Campy. But I dont want a hub from either big S or Campy either and get myself stuck in a group.

Any suggestions????

Couple of ideas....DaveLobster
Aug 31, 2003 6:01 PM
The only hubs I can think of right off hand that are easily convertible between Shimano & Campy are Edco's. You can order them from, and they are not terribly expensive for boutique hubs. These hubs, though not well known in the US, have been used in a lot of well-known expensive pre-built wheels.

Campy hubs can be converted to Shimano compatible. I think the part was originally intended to allow people buying Campy prebuilt wheels to convert to shimano, but apparently they work on the regular 10-speed "gruppo" hubs. has the details on this part.

A final thought is that you might wait for the new Dura-Ace 10-speed to come out and use that hub/cassette. Many people on this board expect that you will be able to use a Shimano 10-speed hub/cassette on a Campy 10-speed set-up. But then again maybe not. Hope this helps. -Dave
Yes, Go with the Campagnolo hubs,Spunout
Sep 1, 2003 4:32 PM
buy a shimano compatible body from and it should take you one minute with an allen key and a wrench to change it. Correct, the shimano body was made for Neutrons etc., but the hub setup is same as Record/Chorus/Centaur.

You can't do that with Shimano hubs.