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repaint carbon frame(2 posts)

repaint carbon framebigborebob
Aug 30, 2003 12:27 PM
I own 3 Trek carbon frames & would like to get them painted. What kind of paint can I use? I'm thinking of having a body shop do it instead of paying Trek $200-$400. Anyone out there have any experience with this?
re: repaint carbon framerussw19
Aug 31, 2003 8:46 AM
If you are going to take it to a body shop, you should make sure they have expierience stripping and prepping a carbon surface. I don't think you can just sand or bead blast the old paint off, and you may want to call Trek to see what chemicals could delaminate the finish or cause separation at the bonds in the lugs.

And then get a quote from the body shop... I think when all is said and done, you may be best off having Trek do the work. You might also check into companies like Calfee to see if they would do it for you. But I think if you are shopping around for a better price, you might not find it with someone who can competently do the work. If you have Trek do it, your warranty will stay intact. Someone else doing it will void it.

Another reason I would personally send it Trek is that after they strip the finish, they will inspect the frame. If there are any small cracks in the frame, or any structural issues with it, they will send you a brand new frame at no charge (they would only charge you if you wanted a custom paint job on it) and for me that piece of mind is worth the extra few bux and time it would take to have Trek paint it.

Just my opinion,