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strong tubular tyre - please help(9 posts)

strong tubular tyre - please helpTheJoker
Aug 30, 2003 2:22 AM
I just punctured my tufo s3 [which came with the wheel] and I'm really annoyed. it's a slow puncture, but I need a new one preferably stronger. I'm not bothered too much about weight, I just don't want to blow it again. And I want it preferably in black [not that important]. Since I know very little about tyres and since I can't get tufos in the UK, I'm looking for a recommendation?

So I need a strong, black, 700C tubular, not too expensive..?
Continental Sprintersspookyload
Aug 30, 2003 6:21 AM
You can get them at for cheap. They make an all black tire and a Yellow/black tire. As for super strong and flat resistant, look for a tire called the Wolber Invulnerable. I don't know if they are still made, but they are bomb proof if you can find them.
2nd the Sprinters!(nm)merckx56
Aug 30, 2003 7:22 AM
2nd the Sprinters!(nm)TheJoker
Aug 30, 2003 4:29 PM
sweet. I'll check them out. Thanks guys...
re: strong tubular tyre - please helpmackgoo
Aug 30, 2003 9:37 PM their cheap Vittoria's are around 10 Pounds and they are tough. I had Sprinters a while back, all I did was hit a rock on the road and the front punctured, I wouldn't recomend them as a "tough" tire.
Good tubulars:Alexx
Aug 31, 2003 6:09 AM
I'd suggest you look harder for Tufos. If you need a REALLY strong tire (tyre), Tufo makes the S33 special-a nearly indestructible tire. Conti Sprinters are decent (but overpriced here in the US), and Vittoria Corsas are likewise good (but expensive). Under no circumstances should you consider anything cheaper: Vittoria Rallye, Vitt F1, Conti Giros, hutch gold, etc. All of these are cr@p, cr@p, cr@p!!!
Good tubulars:TheJoker
Sep 1, 2003 2:25 PM
Thanks for the info buddy. In fact, I have found somewhere that sells Tufos and I've ordered some of their 'puncture sealant'. I'm not sure if it'll work because there seems to be some liquid in there already [which I'm guessing is the same thing] and I've pumped them up and riden them a bit and they're still deflating... :(
Good tubulars:JimP
Sep 2, 2003 9:33 AM
You may have the Tufo sealant in the tire. The S3 is a tubeless tubular but can have problems where the valvestem joins the tire. The sealant works well for small punctures through the tread but not at the valvestem/tire junction. This problem can be caused by the tire squirming on the rim or by using a framepump and constant wiggling of the valvestem while inflating.

re: strong tubular tyre - please helpmapei boy
Sep 4, 2003 3:41 PM
Strangely, my super cheap d'Alessandro Speciale tires are wearing like iron. They're pretty conservative looking too (black tread with cream-colored sidewall), and they have better road feel than my old Conti Sprinters.