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Aug 28, 2003 9:17 PM
I want to buy a silver coloured campy 10 speed compatible wheelset to match the rest of the bike I'm putting together (which is ALL SILVER).
Over the last two years, every pre-built wheelset seems to be coloured black! This may have been mentioned before, or maybe it was stems that someone said were all black?

Mavic, spinergy, zip, campy, well just plain everything.

Other than building my own set of wheels, Can someone please remind me of any that are out there? Still haven't 100% decided on tubulars or clinchers, but I slightly prefer tubulars.
re: campy wheelsets?mackgoo
Aug 28, 2003 9:48 PM
Get an older set of Vento's or Shamal's.
TDF Ksyriums, or Mavics, ss spokes, record hubs.Spunout
Aug 29, 2003 4:05 AM
American classic builds in silver, but not rims.
TDF Ksyriums, or Mavics, ss spokes, record hubs.russw19
Aug 29, 2003 8:06 AM
American classic's wheels are just available with silver hubs. The rims are still black. But I have a set of 420's that have silver hubs, silver bladed spokes, and black rims and nipples... if you like, I can post a pic of them. And they are super wheels too. I have never had the hub problem that seemed to plague them. That problem is said to be fixed, BTW.

re: campy wheelsets?Ye Olde Balde One
Aug 29, 2003 8:12 AM
Tubular: FiR SC120s.
Clincher: Ambrosio/EOLIC CP32's (30mm aero) or CP15's (box section). had them (as well as some nice frames).