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Shimano Cable Routing Help(4 posts)

Shimano Cable Routing Helplnin0
Aug 28, 2003 4:07 PM
So Im switching the old downtube shifters out for some new STI shifters and I run across a question.

Front shift is on the left and the way the cable comes out of the lever makes it seem like it should cross and go down the right side of the downtube. Vice versa for the rear.

However when you get under the bottom bracket the front cable needs to be on the left and the read on the right.

So my question is this. Is it better to go front left shifter out and down the left side of the downtube where it seems like a sharp bend OR is it better to go front left out and down the right side of the downtube and then cross the bare cables there?


PS also on a smaller frame, would you recommend shortening the housing size that shimano shipped with the shifters? The levers included three pre cut pieces of SIS housing.
re: Shimano Cable Routing HelpRusty Coggs
Aug 28, 2003 4:37 PM
The casing often needs to be cut to proper length.Use a proper tool.Some cross the cables as you describe,and others don't..I don't,but use a piece of clear tape to cure casing rub on the headtube.Crossing may cause the cables to rub and bang on the downtube,depending in it's configuration.
re: Shimano Cable Routing Helplnin0
Aug 28, 2003 7:04 PM

BTW when cutting housing always error on the long side, you can take more off if needed but you can't put more on if needed..... but I'm learning. ;)
Consider this.Atombomber
Aug 28, 2003 10:52 PM
Modern frames designed for bar shifters may have the braze-ons a bit lower on the downtube. Braze-ons for downtube shifters are in the middle of the downtube. When using the housing stops which fit over the lever braze-ons, the cable will be too high to do the cross-over and will constantly ride along the downtube underside if done this way. Both of my Trek 5200s have the braze-ons (glue-ons?) for down tube shifters so I have the rear cable on the right and the front on the left. My frame is 60cm, so I need more housing length than a smaller frame and opted not to cut the housing shorter. It bends smoothly without risk of binding or restricting the cable travel.