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Upgrades of old bike(2 posts)

Upgrades of old bikesiguradam
Aug 28, 2003 7:17 AM
I'm interested in upgrading my old Trek frame a little bit. I've been thinking about investing in a carbon-fiber fork with a new threadless headset. Would it be worth the money? I'm not looking to spend more than 200. Are there noticable differences with a carbon fork?
Friend just did that...cory
Aug 28, 2003 7:27 AM
A friend of mine just put a carbon fork and 46-36-26 triple crank on a Centurion he's had for nearly 25 years. He can easily afford a new bike, but he's done dozens of centuries on it and rode it most of the way across the country the summer after he graduated from college, so he was sentimentally attached. He said it's like every other miracle upgrade--it makes some difference, not a lot, but was worth the expense overall. He doesn't notice any difference in the handling (he picked a fork with very close to the same rake as his old one), and the weight difference is undetectable except on a scale, but the ride is improved, especially over the buzzies.