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Anyone have experience with Serotta Hors Catagorie?(8 posts)

Anyone have experience with Serotta Hors Catagorie?sam-g
Aug 27, 2003 1:00 PM
I'm considering the purchase of a custom Serotta Concours or Seven Ti Axiom. My LBS has a Hors Catagorie in my size available for testing, however the test ride Concours is several sizes too large. My question is how much information about the Serotta ride will I gain from test riding the Hors instead of the Concours? Does anyone have any experience with Serotta's Hor Catagorie and the now discontinued F1 carbon fork? I realize that there are other Ti bikes available in the market which many of you will recommend, however at this point I'm limiting my search to these models as I'd like a custom built Ti bike available locally.


re: Anyone have experience with Serotta Hors Catagorie?Spiderman
Aug 27, 2003 2:56 PM
The HC is a very, very plush, comfortable ride. Unless you are considering the HC, it would be hard to get a sense of the legend/concours/ottrott by riding the Hors.

The HC is a fantastic bike, originally designed with performance in mind, the rear triangle sticks to the ground like no other bike I have ever ridden (I own a legend by the way but have put serious miles on many of the Serotta bikes as I worked at a shop that sold them). On the flats it feels very plush. It descends like a f@cking rocket. And you don't really notice the rear end on the climbs.

The F1 is also an incredible fork. There had been bikes that had come back to the shop where the TT and DT had buckled but the fork was still perfect. Amazing to ride. They are a bit heavy if that is a concern for you. Ask the shop if they'll swap out with an Ouzo Pro or something nice.

If you are looking to buy the Hors Cat. try it out, but it is a different ride than a legend etc. Talk to the shop to see if they can arrange to get one of the bikes from the Serotta Demo Fleet. Also, check out the serotta messageboard to help you out. If you have any specific questions you can email me at acopleman(at)yahoo(dot)com.

The axiom is supposed to be a great bike as well. Beautifully welded, ride very nice. I am just partial to teh colorado concept tubes i guess.
re: Anyone have experience with Serotta Hors Catagorie?davet
Aug 27, 2003 4:30 PM
Spiderman is dead-on with his assessment of the Hors. I had one, and it was the best handling bike I've ever ridden. The rear suspension (DKS) kept the rear tire on the ground, particularly during high-speed descents. You can't really tell about one bike by riding another. The feel will be entirely different.

You might want to ask Serotta questions on the Serotta Owners forum. Very biased obviously, but they can tell you what's good about their bikes.
re: Anyone have experience with Serotta Hors Catagorie?sam-g
Aug 28, 2003 5:49 AM
Thanks for the insight on the HC, I'm anxiously looking forward to Saturday's test ride. Obviously you've got a wealth of experience with Serotta bikes having worked at a LBS who was a Serotta dealer, so what factors influenced you into buying the Legend over the HC or other bike?

Actually, I was looking to test ride the Concours and Axiom as they are closer to my overextended budget. Is there much of a difference between the Legend and the Concours in character of the ride or handling? I'm 5'8" and 155#. My LBS has the HC frame w/F1 fork on sale at about the price of the Concours w/O2 fork. They are sure that they can properly fit the HC for me, however in buying the HC I'd sacrifice the custom build and the HC is a slight bit oversized for me based on my fit. Advice?

re: Anyone have experience with Serotta Hors Catagorie?Spiderman
Aug 28, 2003 10:11 AM
The legend to me is the epitome of what a bike should be. Very straight forward. Double diamond, streamlined. It felt good just to hold as a frame. The feel of the Ti in my hands and the welds. Perfectly spaced beads, curvaceous (sp?) dropouts. The paint is still a "wet" deep blue. Very pretty bike. Plus, even at wholesale it was cheaper for me to get the Legend. In your case, you are getting them for the same price.

The hors cat. had many of the same features. Actually, what makes it such a fantastic bike is one of the reasons i didn't get it. The rear triangle, aesthetically, took me by surprise every time i looked at it. It is very strange looking. But, once you got on the bike, your forgot about it. It rode so well, plush and glued to the road. If you are taking the HC on a test ride, take it up the windiest, steepest, most technical descent you can and ride the sh!t out of that bike on the way down. and you get a good feel for what the bike rides like. It descends so well. Very confidence inspiring.

Sorry if it sounds like i am gushing, but i am trying my best to put an intangible experience into words. Also, i just cleaned my legend last night and i love looking at the welds and stuff - call me a loser.

You probably won't notice a major ride diff. between the concours and the legend. Depending on the size of the frame, the top tube is the real difference. It seems like you would be riding a 53-55 or something (just a guess). In that size a concours would be just as good as a legend. Unless you do a lot of pulling on the handlebars (climbing/sprinting) you may not need the colorado concept TT. a Col. Concept TT will also make the bike a bit more stable on descents as it makes the main triangle more rigid than the concours. But if you are an average rec. rider, the concours will be great.

As far as advice as to which bike, i probably couldn't help you out because my preferences are very different than yours. Try test riding the concours if you can.

One thing i do like about the Serotta's is that they have some great paint schemes, that, in my mind, is a big plus to me.

I knew people who had ridden both a legend and an Axiom and said they rode very similar, the Axiom a little harsher than the legend. Not the kind that tires you out on a long ride, but just a little bit. I personally don't think that is a bad thing.

Thats all, sorry for the long post. Sometimes i revert back into "Salesman" mode and forget that we are on this board because we love bikes, not to force certain brands onto other people. Email me if you have anymore questions!
Comments....Len J
Aug 28, 2003 11:53 AM
Spiderman nailed the unique qualities of the Hors perfectly, once you are on the bike it is amazing, however, I couldn't get over how butt ugly it is. Call me shallow, but part of the allure of a bike is the aestetics, the Hors just didn't make it.

The Concours is 97% of the Legend at 75% of the price. It is debatable wether or not most riders could tell the difference (IMO, based on several long test rides). That being said, I bought the Legend with the regular rear triangle. For me, it was buying the bike I have always lusted for. For me the premium was worth it, especially spread over the miles I ride.

The F1 fork is a great fork, albeit a little heavy compared to an all carbon fork. Serotta's intention was to develop a carbon fork that felt similar to a great steel fork. Many people believe that they accomplished this. If you have a chance to get one, I would recommend it. Worst case, you can sell it (there is a pretty good market for the F1) & get something else.

Welcome to the Serotta family.

I wish.....davet
Aug 29, 2003 6:44 AM
that I could find a Hors Categorie in a 60 or 61!
Watch this site....Len J
Aug 29, 2003 10:35 AM
If anybody is selling one, it would be on here.

Also keep an eye on e-bay.