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Make an invisible speedometer magnetic pickup for your fork.(2 posts)

Make an invisible speedometer magnetic pickup for your fork.Synchronicity
Aug 26, 2003 7:08 PM
Simply cut into the detector at the end off the wire of the speedometer. Forgotten what it's called. I'll just call it the magnetic pickup. I cut one open and it is just a reed switch in there - for some types of speedos - some may have a coil.

Then buy a smaller reedswitch from an electronics store, if you can. Solder it on and then put some heatshrink tubing over the whole thing. Now simply stickytape it to the inside of your fork leg (make sure it is clean first). Now you won't be able to see an ugly magnet-pickup-mount! Most people I know won't bother, but I think the "invisible" look improves already nice-looking bikes.

Works for the speedo & cadence detecors of the ergobrain, anyway. Mine's been working fine for 18 months that way.
While you're at it you can cut the wire to have the right length & resolder. NOTE: I Don't think it'll work for cateye computers as they use what looks like an aramid entwined wire, which is impossible to solder. I take no responsiblity for stuffing up peoples speedo cables!
another method...C-40
Aug 27, 2003 4:44 AM
I took a cateye sensor apart and also found that it was simply a reed switch.

A lot of the sensors are not very large, once the fork clamp is removed. I use black or clear silicon caulk to glue the sensor to the inside of the fork, where it's barely visible. Doesn't solve the excess wire problem though. I just carefully wrap the excess around the brake cable

I'd like to cut the wire shorter on my Vetta computer, but as you'ved noted, some brands to not use real copper wire the can be soldered back together (more like plastic with a metallic coating). Once the wire is cut you're screwed if the conductors can't be soldered.