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cxp21 / shimano 2200 wheelset at nashbar for $70(2 posts)

cxp21 / shimano 2200 wheelset at nashbar for $70JS Haiku Shop
Aug 26, 2003 11:59 AM
so i was thinking about ways around using my everyday ultegra/op 32-spoke wheelset during 'cross season. then i saw the cxp21/2200 wheelset for $70 at nashbar, and there's that 10% off coupon code on the hot deals forum.

of course i have zero idea about the hubs. i have had a set of cxp21s, with which i was sorely displeased. however, it seems there was a bad run of cxp21s when i bought the bike that was equipped with mine. two persons i ride with have 105/cxp21 wheelsets with no problems, over several years.

any feedback on this wheelset?

here's the copy:

"Mavic, Shimano and Bike Nashbar team up to bring you an unbelievable deal on a quality road wheelset. New (for 2003) Shimano H-2200 hubs (black) are laced to Mavic CXP21 (silver) rims using 36, 14 gauge, stainless steel spokes in a 3 cross pattern. The CXP21 has a machined braking track for smooth and consistent braking."
re: cxp21 / shimano 2200 wheelset at nashbar for $70Flickstar
Sep 3, 2003 9:11 AM
I purchased the cxp23 with the 2200 hubs for everyday use and they work great, Definitely a difference from my Race X-Lites but totally worth the not-alotta-money!