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Ultegra Freehub rebuild??(4 posts)

Ultegra Freehub rebuild??WiseGuy
Aug 26, 2003 2:47 AM
I am doing a rebuild on my old 600 Ultegra 8 speed group. I am wondering what to do about the freehub. The unit is about 11 years old and has aprox 50K miles on it. The only thing that's been done during that period was to inject more grease. Currently the ratcheting sound is nearly silent and I think it is because of the grease used to repack it a few years ago. I am really a perfectionist when it comes to components working correctly. What should (or can) I do to this component. Can it be rebuilt and what type of lube should I use? What kind of problems can I expect if I attempt a rebuild?

Please advise!!
re: Ultegra Freehub rebuild??Spoke Wrench
Aug 26, 2003 6:27 AM
A brand new replacement freehub body is around $20.00 or $30.00. tech storyfracisco
Aug 26, 2003 6:57 AM just run a piece about overhauling freehubs. They have pictures of the insides and what you can expect.
Expect cursing.Atombomber
Aug 26, 2003 9:50 AM
See if Maxwell Smart can lend you the cone of silence.

Do a search here regarding the issue, since I did a post a while back.

Before you consider rebuilding the freehub though is determine if it is worthwhile. If the bearing cups are worn or show signs of pitting of a defined groove along the bearing path shows, throw the freehub out and aquire a new one. If all is fine, then start learning a few more cuss words, since it gets monotonous with a limited vocabulary.

There is no tool available to remove the bearing cup (which also acts as the nut to hold the ratchet assembly together) though there was one once, so you might get lucky and find one. Otherwise you will need manufacture something yourself. To get someone to make one for you will probably cost more than a new freehub. Once you get the cup/nut off, expect 50 1/8" ball bearings and pawls and springs to go everywhere when you remove the shell. Since there is no real load on these little bearings, they and their races should be fine if they stayed lubed and did not rust. 1/8" bearing should be somewhat readily available if you feel you want to replace them. The pawls are the next part to check. Since there are only 2, they have a lot of force put onto them. I don't know if they are available, but again, get a new freehub if they show substantial wear signs. The springs can be reshaped tighter if needed. Check the pawl engagement notches for wear. Chances are they should be good, since a hard steel is used for the shell. Use a light oil for the reassembly. Grease is too thick and can cause the pawls to stick or not engage.

The only Freehub to really consider rebuilding is the XTR/DuraAce, since they are expensive to replace, and are light because of the titanium. I have successfully trasplanted the guts from an XT/Ultegra freehub to the shell of a XTR/DuraAce.