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Triple vs Double crank new-b Help(7 posts)

Triple vs Double crank new-b Helpparadox17
Aug 24, 2003 7:31 PM
I just purchased an R800 triple 2004. The bike has a 105 group with a TruVatiV Elita SL triple, 30/42/52 crank. This is my first road bike or any serious bike for that matter. The salesman for some reason sold me a triple. I have no need for the low gears at all and NEVER see using them. How much of a disadvantage is having the triple? Weight Performance ext. Some of the gears don't seem as stiff as I would like. I am guessing that the longer chain and rear derailleur cage length effect shifting and tension. Can I swap out the tripple crank for a double without replacing the rear and front derailleur? Will that even matter? I plan on doing alot of riding 4-6 times a week and entering events (for fun). FYI I spilled on the bike already so swapping out the comps with the shop is not an option :)
I would recommend keeping the triple for a whileOffTheBack
Aug 25, 2003 3:38 AM
Switching to a double right now will make your bike a couple of ounces lighter, but if there are no steep hills in your area (which I assume is why you don't forsee ever needing the low gears), who cares about the weight savings? Any shifting improvement from switching to a short cage RD will be minimal at best, assuming it's the same make and model. I would recommend keeping what you have for a year or so, then you will have a better idea of what you do or don't need in the way of upgrades, and you won't have spent any unnecessary $$.
I would recommend keeping the triple for a whileparadox17
Aug 25, 2003 7:46 AM
Thanks for the response. That¡¦s what I figured but wanted to make sure. I felt a little disconcerted is all after spending close to $2300 with components and gear and then having shifting problems after the first 3 days ƒº (cables stretched + a little spill had to manually change the chain). I wanted to make sure I was not losing anything by having the triple. Being a new-b rider it will take a bit for me to find my gears and keep a steady cadence anyway before making any changes/upgrades. Thanks again for the sound advice.
That break-in periodSao
Aug 25, 2003 9:25 PM
Seems that new bikes have kinks that have to be worked out - a tweak here, an adjustment there - unless you can nail it on the first try. That it's a triple vs. a double probably matters little.

FWIW my double is the one I always have to adjust, but then again it's 21 years old.
re: Triple vs Double crank new-b HelpRusty Coggs
Aug 25, 2003 5:35 AM
The chain is not necessarily longer, and the long cage has minimal effect if any and would likely be noticed only by a very experienced rider or pea under the matterss type. You can actulaly run a short cage in the rear if it bothers you....Swapping the triple crank also means swapping the BB for one of the correct lenth and type for the double being used.
re: Triple vs Double crank new-b Helpparadox17
Aug 25, 2003 7:50 AM
Thanks for the response. Never actually using a double crank or a short cage for the matter I am sure that the differnece would be lost on me. Using your anology I am not about to spend $160+ and about 2 hours reading how to use a short chain RD with a triple to remove the pea :)
Turn the triple to a doubleStmbtDave
Aug 25, 2003 9:42 AM
If the FD shifting on the triple is a problem, you can always tighten the low set screw on the FD so it never drops into the 30. That way you have only the 42 and 52 to deal with and shifting becomes a no-brainer.