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S720i OR HAC4 OR ?????(4 posts)

S720i OR HAC4 OR ?????wrgbay
Aug 24, 2003 6:39 PM
I need to purchase a new cyclocomputer, I want to have heart rate, Min & Max and all the other basic features. Also want one that downloads data to computer. I am interested in the Polar S720i and the HAC4 which one do you think is better. Or is there another one out there that will do the same.
Aug 25, 2003 2:00 AM
I just purchased this about 2 months ago and am in LOVE with it. Really simple to use! I also have the IR to my computer and it is soooo sweat. It charts out everything and gives you so, many options.

Aug 25, 2003 3:34 PM
I have a HAC4, and while it does everything as advertised, I'd have to recommend the S720i. The HAC4 mount with the cadence option is about the cheesiest computer mount I've ever seen, and required immediate support from extra zip ties even before the first ride. (The non-cadence option mount is a lot better though)

The serial port download can be somewhat troublesome. It's a timing issue with most computers but it can cause you a lot of two button pushing before the download actually begins. The software itself is pretty amazing but it comes with zero paper documentation and spotty on-line documentation. It works well, but the learning curve can be pretty steep.

Finally, the power "measurement." Actually it's a calculation very similar to the computed values you can get off It's useful only in a narrow range of conditions; such as on a hill that you frequently repeat and the weather conditions don't change too much.

Overall, I'm pretty sure I'll change to the Polar unit when the batteries on the HAC wear out.
S720i is great!Mink
Aug 26, 2003 11:59 AM
I don't know the HAC4, but if I had to list the bike stuff I would least like to give up (other than the bike itself..) it would be my 720. It kinda doubles the fun - I spend hours playing with the data after each ride. So much better than the 520i I had before - no comparison. I particularly like the altitude recording, which charts a profile of the route when you download - so you can figure exactly where you were. It even lists cumulative climbing for each ride, and can give the gradient of each hill. Every time you press the button to record a lap/split time, it also records the temperature - nice touch! The upgraded software (download from the Polar website) makes a big difference - eg you can toggle between distance and time on the bottom axis. I've also figured how to overlay two rides, so you can compare your performance on different days over the same route, or overlay someone else's recording over your own to compare... Listen, just go and buy the damn thing.