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What STI shifters will shift 7 speed?(10 posts)

What STI shifters will shift 7 speed?Fez
Aug 22, 2003 5:06 PM
Friend wants to convert a downtube 7 speed to STI. Bike is 7 speed 600 Ultegra from early to mid 90s. I think it is also identical to the 7 speed downtube 105SC.

7 Speed STI shifters are virtually nonexistent. The only ones I remember was RSX, but they have been out of production for several years now.

1) Will current 9 speed DA, Ultegra, 105, or Tiagra STI shifters work, but with 2 extra clicks?

2) If not, will 8 speed Sora STI shifters work, with one extra click? Mr. Grumpy also posted a new lever that looks like the replacement for Sora

MR_GRUMPY "New Shimano product for 8-speed" 8/22/03 5:56am

3) If not, will nothing current work? If so, is 7 speed used STI levers the only option? Spreading the dropout and upgrading to 8/9 speed is not desirable here.
Sora 7 speed found!!!Lone Gunman
Aug 22, 2003 5:37 PM has Sora sti's available in double or triple version for $61 each.
You should be able to use a 8 speed sti!the bull
Aug 22, 2003 5:45 PM
And have the extra click set up as it is pegged out in the lowest gear.
I belive I have done it on a mountain bike back in the day.
I belive the 7speed spacing is the same as the 8 speed.
I know someone here will correct me or back me up on this so dont go ordering one yet!
SpacingRusty Coggs
Aug 22, 2003 6:00 PM
shimano 7 speed cog spacaing is 5mm,and 8 is 4.8mm.Close enough that shimano 8 speed shifters usually work.Stick with non dura ace 8 speed shifters, as the DA ones have differnt cable pull and also need a pre 9 speed DA RD....Check ebay as RSX 7 speed show up there, and the 8 speeds will likely be used too.Some ae too used
Depends on how picky you are.Spoke Wrench
Aug 23, 2003 5:18 AM
8 speed shifters will work with a 7 speed cassette - kinda. I've seen and used various combinations, both road and mountain over the years. Currently I'm actually using a 7 speed bar con with an 8 speed cassette on my retro grouch bike. Like Rusty said, the cassette spacing isn't exactly the same so the shifting isn't be spot-on.

If you're willing to fool around with it now and again during the course of a ride, it's fine. If you are the kind of person who takes pride in everything working perfectly, you probably won't be satisfied with it. It's the kind of thing that I'll obviously do on a personal bike but I wouldn't do it on a customer's bike.
New Sora 7 SPD STIlnin0
Aug 23, 2003 8:56 AM
You can get Shimano Sora 7 SPD new (2 levers + cables and stops). Just ask your lbs.

I just ordered some and should have them next week. $100 new from my lbs.

Harris Cyclery also sells them online for $129.
(1/2 the way down the page w/ picture)

These are about the only option I found and while I am not happy to be mixing Sora quality with an old 105 group at least I know the levers are new.

One positive, if you have smaller hands, the Sora levers have a reach adjustment screw.

I'll let you know how they work in a week.
Is/was there really a 7-sp Sora? 7-sp Sora hub?TFerguson
Aug 23, 2003 4:34 PM
Both references do list a 7 speed Sora shifter. I thought they were 8-speed when they came out. I have always assumed a Sora hub was 8/9 speed. Wrong?

Don't know about the hub.Spoke Wrench
Aug 24, 2003 8:47 AM
I did acquire a set of 7-speed Sora STI's for a bike. One peculiar thing I remember is that the 8-speed shifters are Flite Deck compatable and the 7-speed shifters aren't.
I have an un-used rsx 7 sti if you are interested...Fixie-ated
Aug 25, 2003 4:46 AM
email me at It is just laying in a box at home. Sell or trade.
re: What STI shifters will shift 7 speed?jordan
Aug 25, 2003 1:05 PM
the 8 speed sti shifters will work perfectly with a 7 speed if you use 8 speed cassette spacers on the 7 speed must disassemble a 8 speed cassette to get the correct spacers and then reassemble with 7 speed cogs.i did this on a 126mm specialized carbon frame.i think you would be better off with the 7 speed Sora shifters however-the Sora shifters work really well and are under-appreciated.also you must set the rear derailler limit to not shift to the 8th click when using the 8 speed sti shifters with 7 speed.