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HID Lights(9 posts)

HID Lightsdave woof
Aug 22, 2003 7:53 AM
Anyone using the new HID lights, are they worth the $300+ cost, anyone have recommendations and finally, can I blind Mercedes' drivers that refuse to put their low beams on? (If you ride a lot at night you'll know why I ask).

Right now I use the Marwi Pro or something like that. One spot and one flood. It works but only lasts ~45 minutes. I have to switch off all the time to conserve juice. I use the lead acid battery.

re: HID LightsJuanmoretime
Aug 22, 2003 8:26 AM
Dave, I have the Marwi HID and with over 3 hours of very intense white light, it's hard to go wrong. The Marwi has some great options since it can be used either as a helmet light or a handlebar light. Yes, you can blind the sh!t out of anyone. I did buy mine new off of Ebay for about $250, the $300 plus is still kind of hard to swallow for a light.
L&M ARC CabezapedalAZ
Aug 22, 2003 9:19 AM
I recently upgraded from using a pair of halogen NiteRiders (one bar mounted & one helmet mounted) to using a single helmet mounted Light & Motion ARC HID. The HID throws enough extra light (brightness and beam spread) that I don't miss the luxury of having two lights aimed at different targets. At the same time, I am toting half the weight (about 700 grams for light and battery). It lasts about 3 hrs; there is a lower setting that is almost as bright that extends the time about 30 minutes.

This was all for mountain biking, at slower speeds than one the road. For road use, a benefit of the HID is how far it throws its beam, you can see further ahead to compensate for the higher speed. I've wanted this light for a while, and waited for it to come on sale, saving about $75.

For pure road use, I might opt for the bar mount, to save the neck muscles, and because the turning radius you need isn't as tight.
re: HID Lightsspuncrazy
Aug 22, 2003 11:03 AM
I have the Niterider and the Light & Motion HIDs. I use them mostly for MTB. On the road they work great also. The one problem I have encountered is, I have a flite deck and if I mount the HID on the bars it puts out a signal that interferes/cancels the signal for the flite deck. If I use it on my helmet it is ok .
yes and nolaffeaux
Aug 22, 2003 2:22 PM
I have both a halogen and HID Nite Rider system. My bar mount system is a 32W dual beam system, and the HID is a helmet mount unit. For road riding, I prefer a bar mount system, and usually run the light at 12W of output. For off-road, where more light is needed, use the HID (or both systems).

- much much brighter
- consumes less power, therefore burns longer at higher output levels

- sometimes you don't want full light power; but HID has one option; it's nice to have multiple output levels on non-HID lights
- they cost a lot

If you need a lot of light, and have a longish commute, HID is the way to go. For shorter commutes, I'd not bother. If you ride off-road, go HID.
one more question...dave woof
Aug 22, 2003 3:40 PM
May be a dumb question, but you know what they say..

Can I buy just an HID bulb and put it in my system or is there a special battery/circuit system that they use as well?


A common questionneng
Aug 22, 2003 4:24 PM
A lot of ppl have asked this.

An HID bulb requires a ballast (special circuitry)to power the special bulb. So you can't just plug it into a regular halogen system.
HID is great and worth the costAllUpHill
Aug 22, 2003 7:32 PM
I use the Light & Motion ARC with good success. They claim 3 hours at the highest wattage, I find in reality it lasts consistently 2:45, not that that's unexpected. Based on some teammates' experience, I also recommend the HID unit from a fairly new company, Lume Lighting (

The HID bulb really puts everything else to shame. I'm reminded of that every time I ride with a halogen or incandescent user--they might as well turn their light off since you can barely tell it's on.
Love my niteriderDMoore
Aug 24, 2003 5:04 PM
I have the helmet mount niterider system, although I don't put it on the helmet. The battery is small enough to fit in my seat pack, and I mount the light on the handlebar.

There's a HUGE difference in the amount of light it generates compared to my previous niterider lights. I've had several neighbors comment they can see me coming from way down the road.

I don't commute at night, but I have a twice-a-week group training ride (road) at night during the winter. There's one section on our Tuesday route that's about a 43-45 mph downhill. I've always backed off quite a bit on that hill before at night, because I was clearly overdriving my headlight. With the HID I can see far enough ahead to let it rip.

I Love it. Don't know how I ever lived without it. Can't imagine riding at night now with the older light systems. My rides are about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and there's enough battery to do two rides before a recharge.

Best money I ever spent on a bike accessory.