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6spd to 7spd help(8 posts)

6spd to 7spd helplnin0
Aug 21, 2003 12:07 PM
So I am still working on getting the downtube shifters off my girlfriend's 6 speed Cannodale. It is equiped all around with Shimano 105 (late 80's - SLR - single pivot brake - biopace - index rear).

1) I found a bolt on 7 spd freewheel that will work -- only it is 38T. This is good considering she has a double and struggles on hills but can a 80's era 105 r-d handle this big of a gear?

2) If I can swap to 7 speeds then I can go with the Sora STI levers for around $100 putting the shifting on the bar where she would like. So another question I have is will the Sora STI work with a non-STI f-d or will I have to repalce that?

What are you thought? I know barcons are what comes to everyones mind but she really doens't care for them. I also showed her the Kelly converters and she didn't go for that either. Thanks.
re: 38 tooth cog!!Rusty Coggs
Aug 21, 2003 1:09 PM
1)now all you hav to do is find a RD to shift it.2)The freewheel has to have the right cog spacing, and with a doulbe crankset you might get away with the old derailer....Get another GF that is more appreciative, less picky, AND lower maintenance.
My bad. 28Tlnin0
Aug 21, 2003 1:31 PM
My bad. 28T not 38T. LOL.

Do you think the 105 r-d would work with a 28T instead of the earlier suggested MEGA number.
The old 105 will handle it....nmRusty Coggs
Aug 21, 2003 2:16 PM
SunTour DID make a 38T freehwheel. ItOldEdScott
Aug 22, 2003 5:53 AM
was otherworldly.

No problem with the 105 RD handling 28.
not surprised...Rusty Coggs
Aug 22, 2003 6:38 AM
I have a 36 and the derailer to shift it. :) Duno what I'm ever gonna do wit it tho.
Alpine Gear TechSpoke Wrench
Aug 22, 2003 7:23 AM
Five speed freewheel: 14,17,22,28,38. Cadence computer? We don't need any stinking cadence computer!
28t will work fineoff roadie
Aug 23, 2003 6:51 AM
I run a 13-28 cogset on my 8 speed, with a 39-53 double up front. The derailuer is a normal short cage rx-100. Shifting quality is very good. The chain slack in some small-small crossgears is noticable on rough surfaces, but at that point its time to shift to the big ring anyhow.