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Crankset 172.5 MM or 175 MM(3 posts)

Crankset 172.5 MM or 175 MMJELLIOTWELLS
Aug 19, 2003 12:28 PM
I will likely upgrade my crankset in the next few weeks. Currently I have a 170 MM crankset. Does it matter if I replace it with one that is 172.5 or 175 MM? If not which is better?
re: Crankset 172.5 MM or 175 MMshrEd
Aug 19, 2003 12:46 PM
I switched from a 170mm to a 172.5mm and could not tell the difference.

depends on your riding styleeayste
Aug 19, 2003 3:24 PM
I just recently bought a new road bike with 172.5 on them.
All my other bikes have 175mm.
I was able to notice a difference from the 172.5 to the 175.
I was able to spin better (since you make a smaller circle)
and the twingly knee pain I had almost disappeared ( also thanks to a smaller circle , less knee movement).
I also noticed when climbing . that since I was spinning better , I was able to climb ,seated , better.
I recently changed my mtn bike crankarms from 175 to 172.5.
I was a big gear masher , now I spin more.
Should help getting overall traction better.
But there is alittle less leverage when you stand up and put more of your body weight into it.
So there really is no good or bad.
just how it works for you.